M · IC · (disinfection) space Sanitary disinfectant water Clean method 400 ml Sanitary medical eradication spray

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「空間衛生除菌水 クリンメソッド 400ml」は、食品添加物の塩酸を独自のサイクロン製法で希釈混合させ安全性に留意した除菌水です。主成分の次亜塩素酸が細菌やウィルス、悪臭の元となる腐敗菌をすばやく除去します。主に酸化されやすい臭気に効果があり、生ゴミなど腐敗菌による悪臭の消臭に効果的です。クリンメソッドは細菌や有機物と反応すると普通の水に戻るため手肌にもやさしく、過って口に入っても安心です。各種用具・器具の洗浄、室内・車内の消臭、衣服・生ゴミの消臭など日常業務・生活シーンにおいても安心してご使用いただけます。


category Sanitary care
Material item Disinfection spray
Internal capacity400ml
用途The application range of the clean method is wide and highly safe, and it is possible to compensate for parts that can not be used until now. Please help to prevent daily hygiene management.
(With other disinfectants and disinfectants, the scope of use is narrow and limited.)
・ Space sterilization (each room)
・ For equipment and equipment (in the refrigerator, etc.)
・ For sterilization of hands (after soap washing)
・ To deodorize such as a trash can
other ...
● Deodorant of the toilet, curtains, clothes, etc. Cloth deodorant, shoes deodorant.
● Eradication of kitchen utensils such as cutting boards and knives.
● Deodorization of garbage and tobacco odor.
● Disinfection of doorknob.
● Care for pet coats, sterilization around the back of the toilet.
● Deodorant of pet smell.
● Prevention of each infectious disease.
how to usePlease remove the stopper before use.
Spray in place to suit your application.
Standard: concentration 100 ppm pH 6.0 weak acid
使用上の注意Please keep out of reach of children ●.
● Avoid direct sunlight, please keep in a cool place.
● There is no problem with human body even if it enters the mouth, but please do not drink it because it is not drinking water.
● If you have any allergies or sensitive skin, please use with caution. Discontinue use if you feel skin problems.
● Do not apply directly to eyes or spray, please rinse immediately if it gets into eyes.
● If it adheres to clothing, it may be discolored.
● Please use one month as a guide after opening.

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