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"Amethyst Hot & Ice" is a heat and cooling pad with soft comfort, not hardening even if it cools or warms. It fits to every part with a shape conformed to the curve of the body. Please warm it in a microwave oven, warm cold waist, shoulder, throat etc., cool down in the refrigerator, use headache, tired eyes, toothache, hot milk, to cool mother's milk . It has a long duration and can be used as many times as you like. With cover (cover design may be changed without notice).
※ Because of package renewal, products of different packages may arrive. please note that.


category Sanitary care
Material item All thermal pads
Product brandamethyst
Product SummaryWith cover
A10 × 20 (cm)
how to use● Please check whether the gel is Peel or leaking.
● If the gel is biased, please make it as flat as possible.
● Please use the gel in a cover only.

【HOT (when warm)】
Be sure to check the high frequency output (W (wattage)) of the microwave oven and heat it.
● 500 W: 40 sec / 600 W: 30 sec / 1000 W: 20 sec ● Please check that there is no Stain etc. in the microwave oven.
* Automatic mode (auto heating / auto heating) - Orb - function - Please do not heat by steam function absolutely.
※ Be sure to heat while confirming with eyes, please stop heating immediately when it has swollen.
* If the warmth is insufficient, please heat additional for 10 seconds within the limit number while looking at the situation. (500 W: up to 3 times / 600 W: up to 2 times / 1000 W: up to 1 time)
● Reheating Please do not reheat more than 3 hours after heating. Do not reheat while feeling warm even after 3 hours.
● When warming with a water bath Put the hot pot into a mag - cup etc, please soak only the gel bag for about 1 minute.
※ Please do not heat while boiling with fire.

【COOL (when chilling)】
Please put it in the freezer and cool it for more than 3 hours. (It will not freeze.)
● If it is too cold, please adjust by rolling a towel etc.
● Please do not break the product in the freezer.
please note● Be sure to check the microwave oven output (wattage), please follow the heating time and use. (It bursts when heating too much.)
● During heating, if the gel swells or the bag leaks, immediately turn off the microwave oven and leave the door of the microwave oven as it is without opening it as it is. There is a fear of high temperature gel scattering and steam burns. Please do not use it when it ruptures.
● If you have trouble on the skin such as trauma · eczema please do not use.
● Be sure to put it in a special cover and use it. There is a risk of burns (frostbite in case of cooling application) when used directly against the skin.
● This product can not be eaten.
● If the gel enters your mouth or eyes, wash it thoroughly with water and consult a doctor if you feel abnormal.
● Do not give a strong shock to the gel. Please do not touch a pointed object. It may cause damage.
● Please do not apply hot water to this product.
● Do not store in extremely hot or cold places, direct sunlight.
● Heated gel may be partly hot due to uneven heating. Please check well before using.
● If you feel hot, stop using it immediately. Continued use as it is, there is a fear of burns and low temperature burns. Please consult your doctor if you feel any abnormality in your body. Low temperature burns are burns that cause symptoms such as erythema, blistering, etc. when placing a heating element at a temperature higher than the body temperature for a long time, so please note that it may become a low temperature burn with no subjective symptoms.
● If you have diabetes and other disorders with blood circulation, please be especially careful as it may be difficult to feel heat.
● Please do not apply hot water directly to this product.
● When using it for infants or physically challenged, parents should be careful enough.
● Please keep out of reach of children.
● Peel gel gel when used for a long time, please discontinue use and discard when contents leaked. The use deadline of gel depends on the usage situation, please use one year as a guide.
● When washing, take out the gel, please wash with the cover only.
● Please do not use other than purpose.
Quality indicationIngredient / gel: water, antifreeze, thickener, antiseptic material / gel bag: Nylon, PE
Cover: Cotton 100%
Country of originJapan
Contact InformationDaejeon Co., Ltd. 2-2-16 Tsukishimoto Tsushima-ku Osaka-shi
Customer consultation window TEL: 06-6921-7373 (until 9: 00-17: 00 except Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)

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