Petty & Sachi International 880 Iron Blade Nail Clipper Mirror Finish For Rolling Nails 88019 Hygienic Medical Nail Clipper (Nail Clipper)

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"Osaka oblique blade nail cutting mirror surface finish rolled nail for 88019" is a nail clipper only for winding claws.


category Sanitary care
Material item Nail clippers (beakkiri)
Product brandHachietsu
how to use● Nipper type nail clippers are suitable for winding claws (nails that can be grown into fingers).
● Please use the leading edge to hit the nail portion.
● Please finish with a nail file after cutting nails.
● When the movement of the joint eye becomes worse, it will move smoothly if a few drops of sewing machine oil etc. are lubricated.
please note● Please do not use other than nail clipper.
● Please note deep fingernails.
● Please keep it out of reach of children after use.
● When it is difficult to use it, please stop using it unreasonably. (We recommend you consult a doctor.)
MaterialBody: stainleStainleStainless Steel Steel steel Cheel, Plating department: 24 gold
Country of originPakistan

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