Tateishi Kuroyodo Cairo Belt Magic Type Waist Up to 115 cm 1 piece Health care Medical for body warmer

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"Cairo Belt Magic Type Waist 115cm to 1 piece" is a belt that fixes to a place where you want to place a disposable body warmer. Even if you move your body, it does not drip off, you can use it comfortably, the effect of using Cairo will also be enhanced. Because it is a retractable rubber belt, it fits gently to the body and can fix the body warmer in the waist, abdomen, shoulder, knee and so on. With surface fastener with easy attachment.
※ This item has two types of color "yellow border on white background" and "purple border on white background". Please note that colors can not be chosen.


category Sanitary care
Material item Cairo belt
Product brandTateishi Shunudo
Internal capacity1 piece
CorrespondenceUpto 115 cm
how to use· Open the pocket and insert disposable body warmer into the part of the bag.
· Adjust the length of the belt and fix the bag part against hip, shoulder etc. (It is also convenient for putting valuables in travel etc.)
· You can use up to 115 cm waist.
Quality indicationBody: Polyester, Nylon mesh

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