Kawamoto Industrial Kawamoto Eye Patch A-2 White HP-30 For infants (3 years and over) Hygiene medical strabismus for eyesight for amblyopia training

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"Kawamoto Eye Patch A-2 White HP-30 For infants (over 3 years old)" is one of the treatments for child's squint and amblyopia, to forcibly block the healthy eyes and amblyopic eyes (including peripheral vision) It is a training eye for stimulating visual acuity development by using it. In order to improve the light shielding property, a film of Al vapor deposited is inserted in the light shielding layer. Furthermore, it can be shielded completely by tightly adhering with adhesive tape. Also, it is excellent in air permeability, acrylic adhesive with low irritation to the skin is used for the adhesive. It can be used for either left or right eye. The pad part is a vertical type with vertical 40 mm * horizontal 63 mm. Color is white.


category Sanitary care
Material item Epiphone for amblyopia / amblyopia training
Product brandKawamoto
Internal capacity30 sheets
A73 * 87 (mm) (Inside pad part / 51 * 68 (mm))
(Exterior)49 * 81 * 113 (mm)
how to usePeel off the release paper, orient the thin one of "eye patch" toward the nose side, cover the eyes and eyebrows at the same time, please stick it so that the edge can not wrinkle.
please note● Please be sure to follow the instructions of your ophthalmologist as to which eyes you should use and how many hours to use per day.
● To those with hypersensitivity, please stick to the soft part of the skin (under armpits and thighs, etc.) before use and check whether it causes rash. Should you have symptoms such as rash, redness or itching, please discontinue use and consult your doctor.
MaterialPolyester nonwoven fabric

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