Kyoritsu Pharmaceutical Industry Scratch Rebatep Cloth Type 3 22 Hygienic Medical Cloth Type Adhesive Plaster

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"Scratch Libatape cloth type 3 2 22 sheets" is a strong adhesive cloth with strong cloth and strong adhesion, friction and so on. Ideal for water work and rough work. Scratches, cuts, scars, scratches, shoes, for disinfection and protection of wounds. Since three bands adhesive bandage is included, it can be used properly according to the application. Quasi-drugs.


category Sanitary care
Material item Cloth type bandage plaster
Product brandScratch Rebatep
Internal capacity3 times 22 sheets
(Per sheet)55 * 12.5 (6), 72 * 19 (14), 72 * 25 (2) (mm)
Usage notes● Consultation In the following cases, stop using and consult a doctor or pharmacist with an outer box.
During or after use of this product, if the following symptoms appear: Related parts: skin, symptoms: rash · redness, itching
IndicationScratches, cuts, scratches, scratches, shoes, disinfection and protection of the wound surface (coating)
Dosage regimenApply the part of the cloth to the affected part and paste it.

【Precautions related to usage and dose】
1, Usage, Protect the dose.
2, Clean the affected part and use it with care so as not to contaminate the pad part.
3, Do not stick it for a long time or peel off suddenly. (It may cause skin irritation)
4, Do not stick adhesive surface to affected area.
5, When making it used by children, be used under guidance and supervision of parents.
Ingredients · QuantityContains 50 mg of Benza Luconnium chloride in 100 g (0.9 m 2) of nonwoven fabric with perforated poly film
Contents1 50 pieces 72 mm * 19 mm (Pads 23 mm * 12 mm) 50 sheets
Storage and Handling Precautions1, Store in a cool place not exposed to direct sunlight.
2, Keep out of reach of children.
3, If you can not improve symptoms even if using this drug, stop using it.
4, As soap remains in the affected area, the disinfection effect decreases, so rinse thoroughly with water, then wipe thoroughly and use it.

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