Senafa moxibustion off-site science review Hakkei 150 points

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"Senken moxibustion off-ginger scene hakkei 150 points" is a one-touch type of moxibustion that puts ginger ingredients into Momusha. Traditional ginger medicine moxibustion was put on the skin with glue placed on top of it, "Senken moxibustion off-goshuta Hakkei" is a contemporary-style facility that completely eliminated all of this kind of troublesome work Ginger is moxa. To those who want to enjoy various moxibustion.


Product brandShenan moxibustion
Internal capacity150 points
A100 * 157 * 47 (mm)
how to use1. Please peel off the thin paper of Medal's back.
2. Lighter · Please put a fire on the windings with a match etc.
3. Please refer to the instructions, apply moxibustion to the points sequentially.
4. People who feel the heat strongly, please take off immediately.
please note● People who feel the heat strongly, please take off immediately. Water bubbles may be formed and traces may remain.
● Please be careful when using your weak part (especially the abdomen) of your skin.
● Please avoid moxa on the face.
● Please do not place it in reach of children.
● Please be sure to read the precautions on use, please use correctly.
Contact InformationSenafa Corporation: 0120-78-1009
Reception hours 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays closed)

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