Green Belle Takumi's technique highest grade bamboo earpick two pairs Hygiene medical earpick

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"Takumi's high-end two-eared bamboo ear-picks" uses carefully selected high-quality bamboo. Earpicks that are crafted by skilled craftsmen one by one. As the axis is thin and the plate is thin and carefully polished by hand, it is comfortable ear.


category Health care
Material ・ Item Earpick
Product brandCraftsmanship
Internal capacityTwo
(Exterior)170 * 36 * 7 (mm)
Usage notes● Do not use this product if your ear is wet after swimming, bathing, etc. or if your ear is ill.
● Be careful not to scratch the inside of the ear canal.
● Do not insert too much or forcefully into the ear canal so as not to damage the tympanic membrane.
● Please be careful about the surrounding environment (after making sure there are no people around you).
● Because it may be naturally dried and cracked or bent due to a natural material (made of bamboo), be sure to check it before using it.
Please clean your hands ●.
● If you feel any abnormality, please consult a specialist.
● After use, please wipe clean and keep clean.
● Keep it out of reach of children, with low humidity.
● Do not use children only, as this is dangerous.
Quality indicationBamboo / Taiwan-made sosu bamboo, hand polished finish


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