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"Easy warmth moxibustion set Taebi Pharmaceutical Package Box" was set with Mogurusa, a warming moxibustion retainer, and an extinguisher. Ignite the moxibustion retainer with ignition and apply directly to the shoulder and so on. Movement does not collapse or scatter and you can apply moxibustion to places where hands are difficult to reach. It is also a set of extinguishers to completely erase burning moose, so you can easily clean up after using it. Always have a stiff shoulders and waist, please help us to maintain health.


category Sanitary care
Material item Moxibustion all
Product brandEasy warmth moxibustion set
Internal capacityMomoza 10, warm moxibustion retainer, extinguisher
Approval number(56 B) No. 447 (general medical equipment)
(Exterior)93 * 93 * 225 (mm)
set content● Medicinal Movement
10 pieces (length 21 * diameter 1.8 cm) burning time 2 hours.
● Warm moxibustion holding tool
Those that hold and fix medicinal herbs in Wooden. Diameter 6 * High 9 * Length of handle 17 cm.
● Extinguishers A thing to completely erase the burning momentarily on the way.
how to use1. Remove the paper on the outside and ignite it with a match etc. at one end of the rod moxa with only Japanese paper.
2. Insert rod moxa into the hole in the center of the Easy Warm moxibustion device, put the pattern of the warm moxa device in an appropriate position (2-3 cm from the skin surface) so that the tip with fire will not reach the opening of the moxa moxa Turn it to the right and screw it in place.
3.Treatment temperature makes comfortable warmth appropriate temperature, so adjust the distal end of the bar tips and the distance of the skin depending on the medical condition and the treatment site.
4. Hold the mouth of the warm moxibustion device easy for any treatment site and hold for 10 seconds to several tens of seconds as it is. Please repeat it after a while and apply it several times. (Arbitrary number based on comfort)
5. After treatment is completed, remove moxa moxa from the warmth moxibustion device and insert it into the extinguisher. Confirm that the fire has disappeared, extract the rod moxa from the extinguisher, and cut off the carbonized part of the tip with scissors etc.
Burning time2 hours

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