Nichiban careive bio pad jumbo M's 4 pieces of hygiene medical treatment hydrophilic material plaster

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"Careive Bio Pad Jumbo M's 4 Sheets" is a hydrophillic paste that protects Scratch from drying. When the bio pad absorbs the leachate, it swells and adheres closely to the Scratch tooth. In order to protect Scratch gently, there is almost no pain when changing it. The tape part of skin color uses waterproof, antibacterial, and elastic cloth. It resists skin burning and fits skin movement. Jumbo M's, 4 sheets.


category Health care
Material ・ Item Hydrophilic material bandage
Product brandCare leave (care leave)
Internal capacity4 pieces
Medical device notification number40B2X00015131220 (General medical equipment)
(Per sheet)Jumbo M (60 mm x 80 mm, pad portion 35 x 45 mm)
Usage notes● Do not use for infected Scratch.
● If a rash, redness or itching occurs due to the use of this product, discontinue use and consult your doctor or pharmacist.
● Wash the affected area with tap water and clean it, and wipe around Scratch before using.
● Please use adhesive surface not to scratch Scratch.
● Please use immediately after opening the film packaging. Also, please do not reuse.
● If the leachate leaks or the tape part is peeled off, immediately paste it with a new one.
● When peeling Please slowly peel along the hair flow so as not to hurt the skin.
● Please do not use for Scratch larger than Pads.
● Avoid direct sunlight, keep it as cool as possible, out of reach of children.
● Please read the attached document carefully before use.
Country of originJapan


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