Menicon Menicon O2 Care Sunkus Pack Hard Lense Cleaning / Preservation Solution 240 ml + 120 ml (360 ml) Sanitary Medical Hard Lense Cleaning / Storage

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"Menicon O2 Care Sunkus Pack Hard lense washing and preservative solution 240 ml + 120 ml (360 ml)" is a washing and preservation solution for oxygen permeable hard lense. With high cleaning effect and superior comfort, it makes comfortable everyday care.


category Sanitary care
Material item Washing and storing for hard lense
Product brandMenicon
Internal capacity240 ml + 120 ml
(Exterior)Width 95 * Length 54 * Height 170 (mm)
how to use● Pinch wash ●
1. Place 1 drop of Proteoff per lense 1 into the lense case containing this solution for 9 minutes, and store the lense.
2. Please save overnight (over 2 hours).

● Stop lense ●
3. Rinse with lense holder with tap water (running water, the same below).
4. Remove the lense and scrub it thoroughly with this solution.
5. Store the lense again in the holder, rinse thoroughly with tap water and then attach it to the eyes.
Usage notes· Please be sure to read the display matter before use.
· If you mistake the handling method, you will not be able to wear a lense, but it may cause eye damage. If you feel even more than a little please get medical treatment of an ophthalmologist immediately.
· It can not be used for soft contact lense.
· To use lense, follow the lense package insert.
· Please do not take eyes.
· Avoid direct sunlight, please keep in a cool dark place to avoid freezing.
· Please keep out of reach of children.
· During lense wearing, if you feel any abnormality in your eyes or skin, stop using lense and this solution and consult your doctor.
· After opening, keep the cap tightly and use it as soon as possible.
componentAnionic surfactant Nonionic surfactant
Country of originJapan

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