Yamagata Tsubo moxa neonext 120 times Hygiene medical treatment moxa moxa Musou

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"Tsubo moxa neonext 120 times" is moxa MOGUO which cut 70% smoke. There is no need to paint, using a strong adhesive glue, there is almost no worry of peeling off. Also, it is unnecessary to push out sticks, just take them with one hand and stick them, it is very easy. By making one solid grain solid, the amount of mushrooms was constant, so the temperature and combustion time became constant. It is new moxibustion which is not too hot, soft heat is comfortable.


category Sanitary care
Material item Moon moxa Movement
Product brandYamasaomi Mogusa
Internal capacity120 times
A125 * 40 * 125 (mm)
how to use(1) Please remove the paper tube from the backing paper, paste the adhesive face of the paper tube to the skin (acuple), and turn on the mushrooms.
(2) Even if smoke does not come out after moxibustion, there is an effect of moxibustion, so please remove it after the paper tube has cooled down. However, please remove it when you can not put up with the heat. At that time the paper tube is getting hot, so be careful and remove it.
Usage notes(1) There is a risk of becoming blistering if you put too much heat such as those sensitive to the skin. Please be sure to read and use (please ask about the use of various moxibustion).
(2) It is due to Yani that the skin after moxibustion turns yellow. Please wipe with a wet towel etc.
(3) Please stop moxibustion when there is fever. Also, please stop women who are pregnant.
(4) Please avoid moxibustion on Scratch and inflamed areas.
(5) If you apply moxibustion according to the instructions of a specialist, you will have a further benefit because it comes to acupuncture points (acupoints).

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