Japan China Temperate moxibustion hot-lake for replenishment Miguza 10 bottles for sanitary medicine Moxibustion all

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"Hot-lake replenishment for 10 lumps" is a rod mochusa dedicated to HotLaken, which can be easily tested by China's moxibustion treatment method. We blend nine herbal medicines.


category Sanitary care
Material item Moxibustion all
Product brandJapan China China Moxibustion
Internal capacityTen
size90 * 215 * 40 (mm)
how to use● Usage of China Moxibustion and Moxibustion Treatment Equipment "Hot Lakens" (sold separately)
1. Hot Rakken Replenisher Bar Mogusa's Outside Extrude one side of the tubular shape with your fingers and turn on the fire. Please break when you can not push out the outside paper. (Caution: Please do not break the inner paper.)
2. Loosen the screw that stops the rod moxa in the hot moxa therapy device hot-laken, and insert the person with the fire from the mouth at the top of the hot-laken. When it is difficult to insert the rod, please remove the ashes etc. around the hole of the Inside of the instrument with a suitable stick and then insert it. Put the fire-stained part of the rod mogusa securely in the position of the step at the Inside of the hot lake or just a little lower so that it will not fall with the screw.
3. As the temperature drops during moxibustion, ash falls on it, so drop it down, then adjust the position of Chinese warm moxibustion (rod moxa) with screws and use repeatedly.
4. The use time is somewhat different depending on the person (on constitution), please apply moxibustion on the affected part (acupoint) till it gets hot. However, please change to the place where moxibustion is given next, irrespective of time. It is effective to repeatedly apply moxibustion, but the use time of one day is within 30 minutes.
5. After use, please insert the person with fire on, always be sure to put it in a sealed condition and erase it in a sealed condition.
Usage notes1, Please do not apply moxibustion in the following cases.
● At drinking time ● Before and after bathing 40 minutes -1 hours.
2, Consult with your doctor in the following cases.
● In case of pregnant women.
When pneumonia and pyogenic diseases are accompanied by high fever.
● During menstruation.
3, Because burning Mogusa, please be careful enough for handling fire.
4, Because it is Pharma Mogusa, unique Odor, smoke, ash will be generated.
5 Please check after the fire has disappeared.
6, please keep in a place with little humidity. When it is wet please put it on sunlight, please use after drying.
7, If you feel uncomfortable during use, please stop moxibustion and consult a doctor.
8, Please do not throw out the box until the last use is over.
9, There are cases where you may get burned, depending on usage.
10. There are cases where the printing condition and the thickness of the outer paper of the bar mogusa are somewhat uneven, but there is no influence on the quality within the range that can be inserted into the instrument.

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