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category Sanitary care
Material item surgical mask
Product brandSynergy International
Internal capacity
Usage notes● Surgical Mask · This product is an exhaust type. I can not do laundry.
· We recommend that you make a senior official at the appropriate time according to the application.
· This product can not prevent entry of toxic gases and dust.
· If abnormality appears on the skin such as itching during use of this product, please stop using it immediately and consult your doctor.
● Sterilization A Luco Wet Tissue · Please discontinue use if there is abnormality on your skin or does not fit your skin.
· Keep out of reach of children, please do not store in high temperature, direct sunlight.
· Please do not flush to flush toilet.
· After use, please secure the flap of the outlet to prevent evaporation of moisture etc.
● Liquid crystal type thermometer · Please do not reuse when infection is suspected.
· Please use it individually.
· When there is a risk of accidental ingestion, please use under armpits.
· When using infants / elderly people, please use them under the guardian's guard.
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