Terms of Service

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The Terms and Conditions set forth your rights and obligations in using the Service.
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■■■ Samurai mall basic terms ■■■ 

  ◆ Chapter 1 General Rules 

  Article 1 (Definition) 
  In this Agreement, the following terms shall have the meanings specified below. 
  1. "Member" means an individual who has registered as a Samurai Mall member in accordance with the prescribed method of Wa Rust Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") after agreeing to this Regulation. 
  2. “Services” means the various services provided by the Company to members on the Web site “Samurai Mall” (hereinafter referred to as “the main site”). 
  3. "Trading" means various activities such as shopping, present application, etc. which members perform using service. 
  4. “Service Provider” means a person who provides the goods subject to a transaction in this document. 
  5. "Terms, etc." means a general term such as the terms and conditions for use of the Services, precautions for shopping at this site, and other terms and guidelines established by the Company. 
  6. “Member information” means information on the attributes of members that members disclose to the Company and information such as the history of transactions of members. 
  7. "Content" means content that can be accessed through the Service. 
  8. “Stores” means companies and businesses that have opened stores in this store. 

  Article 2 (Scope and Changes of this Regulation) 
  1. This Regulations stipulates the terms and conditions regarding the use of services common to all of the websites operated by the Company (hereinafter referred to as "the Service"). 
  2. These rules shall apply to all users (as defined in Article 3) regarding the use of the Service.  However, regarding each service provided by our company other than this service, if there is a provision defined only in the terms of use for each service, or if there is an overlapping provision between this regulation and the terms of use for each service in related items. Only the terms of service for each service apply. 
  3. The Company shall, as appropriate, notify all or all of the Regulations by notifying or notifying Users in a manner that the Company deems appropriate, such as posting on the website or email, without obtaining prior consent of the Users. It is assumed that a part can be changed. 
  4. If all or part of this Regulations is changed, the terms and conditions after the modification shall apply to the use of the Service, and the user shall follow only the terms after the modification. 

  Article 3 (User) 
  In this Regulation, "User" means the image, text, design, logo, video, program Lamb, idea, information, etc. provided by the Company in the Service after all the contents of this Regulation are accepted and approved. In this rule, we collectively refer to people who search, browse or use "Content". 

  ◆ Chapter 2 Members 

  Article 4 (Samurai Mole members) 
  1. Members can use the service according to the terms and conditions established by our company.  However, please be aware that depending on the type of service, it may be necessary to separately register the matters specified by our company. 
  2. Members can not dispose of any rights acquired to the Company through membership status and services or in any form of transfer, subleasing or collateral placement other forms. 

  Article 5 (Compliance with the Terms) 
  1. This is a rule that applies to all members and that you follow the registration procedure and after registration. 
  2. The Company may revise these regulations at any time at any time.  The amendment of this regulation shall be effective when the revised regulation is posted on the company's prescribed form, and in this case, the member shall follow the revised regulation. 

  Article 6 (Member registration procedure) 
  Individuals who have agreed to apply to the company's membership after consenting to this regulation will be eligible as members after completing the registration procedure at our company.  Membership registration procedures are carried out by the members themselves, and registration by proxy is not permitted at all.  Please be sure to read the precautions for entry carefully and make sure to enter the required information correctly in the prescribed entry form. 

  Article 7 (Member ID and Password Management) 
  1. The member ID and password should be managed responsibly by each member member, such as avoiding something that can be easily inferred by a third party such as the date of birth, and changing it regularly so that others do not know it. . 
  2. If it is confirmed by the Company's prescribed method that the entered member ID and password match the registered one, the company assumes that it has been used by the member, and they are the circumstances of plagiarism and unauthorized use other Even if a member other than the member uses it, no responsibility will be taken for the damage caused by it. 

  Article 8 (Change of registration information) 
  If there is a change in the registered information, please register the change promptly. 
  We will not be liable for any damage caused by the failure to register for change. 
  Also, even if a change is registered, transactions that have already been filed before the change registration will be made based on the information before the change registration. 
  If you need to notify the service provider of changes in registration information for such transactions, please contact the service provider directly from the member.  Please note that we can not respond. 

  Article 9 (Member withdrawal) 
  If you wish to withdraw from a member, please follow the instructions given by To, etc. and delete the member information.  It will be treated as a withdrawal after all the withdrawal procedures prescribed by our company are completed. 

  Article 10 (About cookies etc.) 
  1. When the member accesses our server in order to provide optimal services to other members in order to certify that we have accessed the member as a member, in order to investigate the member's access history and usage status. Information on the IP address of the member, information on the device identification number of the portable terminal when accessed by a mobile phone terminal, and information on the member's access history etc. are collected using a technology such as a cookie. 
  2. In order for members to use the correct service, it is necessary to accept the preceding paragraph and accept cookies.  Therefore, please note that you can not use each service as a member if you set to reject cookies in the browser. 

  Article 11 (Handling of member information) 
  We will handle the personal information of the members we know in connection with the use of this service, in accordance with the "Personal Information Protection Policy" separately established by our company. 

  Article 12 (Stop of specific member's use, cancellation of membership status) 
  1. If the Company determines that a specific member falls under each of the following items, the member will stop using the service without giving notice in advance, change the user ID and password of the member, or It is possible to cancel the membership qualification.  Even if any damage is caused to the members by this, we assume no responsibility. 
  (1) In the case where the member has an act that violates the law or the Terms and Conditions 
  (2) In the event that a member misconducts the use of the service 
  (3) When it is necessary to ensure the security of the member, such as when there is a mistake in the password input more than a fixed number of times 
  (4) other When the Company deems appropriate 
  2. In addition to the preceding paragraph, if the member has not logged in a certain number of times within a certain period determined by the Company, it is the Company's discretion to change the member ID and password of the member or to notify without prior notification. It shall be possible to cancel the qualification. 
  3. When the Company disposes of Articles 1 and 2 of this Article, it shall notify that effect to the registered e-mail address.  If, due to the circumstances of the member, the e-mail from the company specified in the preceding paragraph can not reach the member, the e-mail from the company is considered to have arrived when it should have arrived. 

  ◆ Chapter 3 Use of Services 

  Article 13 (Services to be provided) 
  We provide the following services as part of this service: 
  (1) Members use My Page (defined in Article 14) 
  (2) Search across services 
  (3) View the information of each service 
  (4) View links from each service 

  Article 14 (Use of My Page) 
  Members can use our designated My Page.  My Page provides a function to register / view “Gender”, “Date of birth”, and “State where you live”, as a member of “Profile”. 

  Article 15 (Disclaimer) 
  1. If a link from this service to another web site or resource or a link from a third party web site or resource to this service is provided, we will We accept no responsibility for, including, but not limited to, gender, effectiveness, accuracy, certainty, safety, freshness and completeness.  If the Company reasonably determines that the content of the linked web site or resource is illegal or inappropriate for the management and operation of the Service, the Company does not require any notification from the member, and the link It is assumed that the destination can be deleted. 
  2. This service includes advertising (including, but not limited to, sweepstakes advertising) or transactions with advertisers that are promoting (including, but not limited to, participation in promotions such as sweepstakes) If there is any, the user, at their own discretion and responsibility, will conduct transactions with the advertiser concerned, and we shall not be liable in any way.  Payment of goods, determination of terms and conditions, guarantees, security, liability, transactions with / without a license, etc. are not guaranteed by our company at all, and we are listed in this service. The members shall not be liable for any damages resulting from transactions conducted through advertising or promotion. 
  3. The Company shall not be liable for any damages, losses, disadvantages, etc. suffered directly or indirectly by Members even if the Service is temporarily suspended, suspended or changed in the following cases: I shall not bear it. 
  (1) In the event of a catastrophe such as fire, earthquake, flood, lightning or heavy snow 
  (2) In the event of social unrest such as war, civil unrest, terrorism, riots, or disturbances 
  (3) When we did not receive appropriate service from the telephone company, shipping company or provider to which we are contracted 
  (4) In the event that the company can not respond technically 
  4. The Company shall fulfill its obligations and be exempted by processing the office according to the contents of the member's registration. 
  5. If the member causes any damage to other users or third parties by using the service, the member resolves it in its responsibility and cost, and the Company We do not give any damage, loss, disadvantage etc. 

  Article 16 (Prohibited matters) 
  Users shall not perform any of the following acts.  In the event that the Company or a third party suffers damages in violation of this, the user shall be liable for all such damages. 
  (1) An act that gives nuisance, disadvantage or damage to another user, a third party other than the other user, or our company, or an act that may have them 
   (2) Other users, third parties other than the other users, or intellectual property rights such as copyright of our company, portrait right, personality right, Plat's right of abuse, publicity right Acts that are likely to be 
  (3) The act of using this service for commercial purpose (However, the thing which our company admitted beforehand is excluded.) 
  (4) Act against public order and morals Act that violates other laws or acts with such fear 
  (5) The act of registering information that includes false or misleading content 
  (6) The act of the user using the content acquired through this service outside the scope of private use 
  (7) Copy, sell, publish, distribute, publish or otherwise act on content acquired through the Service through other users or third parties other than other users. 
  (8) Collecting, storing or storing personal information of other users 
  (9) Upload contents such as computer viruses, computer codes, files, programs Lamb, etc. designed to disturb, destroy or restrict the functions of computer software, hardware and communication equipment to this service, email etc. Act of sending by means 
  (10) The act of the same member performing multiple member registration (including the act of multiple registration from any of a personal computer, a mobile phone or a smartphone, but excluding those approved by the Company in advance). 
  (11) Excessive return of goods 
  (12) other An act of reasonably judging that the Company is inappropriate, such as damaging or losing the Company's credit 

  Article 17 (Intellectual Property Rights) 
  1. All intellectual property rights of the content provided through this service are exclusively owned by the Company. 
  2. If an act that is prohibited by domestic and foreign copyright laws and other laws, such as unauthorized copying of our content or unauthorized use of another without permission, is found regardless of the purpose. , We will take legal action immediately. 
  3. In the event of any dispute with a third party in violation of the provisions of this Article, the Member shall resolve such dispute in its responsibility and expenses, and shall not cause any damage, loss or disadvantage to the Company. I shall not give it. 

  Article 18 (Use of Services) 
  Depending on the type of service, it is necessary to separately agree to the terms of service for using the service. 

  Article 19 (Interruption / Stop of Service, etc.) 
  When we perform regular maintenance or emergency maintenance of the system in order to use the service in good condition all the time, if it is judged that the trouble occurs in the operation of the service when the load is concentrated on the system, the member If it is necessary to ensure the security of the service, or if it is determined that it is necessary, take necessary measures such as suspending or stopping the provision of all or part of the service without notifying in advance. Shall be able to  In this case, the Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to the members. 

  ◆ Chapter 4 Purchase of goods 

  Article 20 (Purchase of goods) 
  1. When members wish to purchase goods etc., they shall apply for purchase or use of goods etc according to the method designated separately by our company. 
  2. With the application described in the preceding paragraph, click on the button to order after confirming the delivery address, order details, etc. entered and registered by the member, and then a mail from the Company to confirm the order details reaches the member At that time, a sales contract concerning the product etc. shall be concluded between the member and the Company. 
  3. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, if there is a misconduct or inappropriate conduct in connection with the use of the Service, the Company shall be able to take appropriate measures for cancellation and cancellation of the sales contract. 

  Article 21 (Payment method) 
  1. The amount paid for products etc. is the total of the purchase price for products including consumption tax and the handling fee related to this. 
  2. Payment of products purchased through this service is limited to payment by credit card in the name of the member or payment method approved by the Company separately. 
  3. If paying by credit card, the terms and conditions of the member contracting separately with the credit card company shall be followed.  In the event of any dispute between the member and the credit card company, etc. in connection with the use of the credit card, the member and the credit card company shall resolve the matter with responsibility. 

  Article 22 (Disclaimer of goods etc.) 
  1. The Company is not responsible for the quality, material, function, performance, compatibility with other products, etc. of the Service and the products sold through the Service, or any other damage, loss or damage caused by these. With regard to profits, etc., no guarantee or burden shall be imposed except in the case described in the preceding article. 
  2. With regard to troubles caused by unknown delivery destinations, etc., the Company can contact the contact address registered by the member and deliver goods etc. to the designated delivery destination etc. at the time of product purchase. We shall fulfill the delivery obligation and be exempted from the obligation. 
  3. Regarding the contents of comments on products posted by members using SNS services such as Twitter on this website and sales page, even if the content of the comments is contrary to the facts, We will not be liable for any damage caused to the purchased member, except in the case of intentional or gross negligence in our company. 

  Article 23 (Conditions for Returning or Replacing Products) 
  1. We will accept returns of goods only in the following cases. 
  (1) If the product is found to be imitation or pirated version 
  (2) If there is a defect in the product 
  (3) If a different item from the order has arrived 
  (4) In the case of a product damaged during delivery 
  (5) When it does not correspond to any of said (1) to (4), It is within five days after goods arrival, and it does not correspond any of the following. 
  However, those that do not meet the conditions based on the "Samurai Mall Return Conditions" separately specified by the Company shall not accept returns. 
  2. The member shall apply for the return set forth in the preceding paragraph in accordance with the procedure separately established by the Company, and the cost for return shall be borne by the Company for the preceding paragraph (1) to (4). Shipping fee, cash on delivery fee and Two-Tone settlement fee, as well as Samurai mall points used to purchase the item to be returned will be returned. 
  In addition, the cost for return is borne by the member in the preceding paragraph (5), and the Company uses the price of the item at the time of purchase by the member, delivery fee, cash on delivery fee and Two-Tone payment fee, and purchase fee for goods to be returned. Will return the samurai mall points. 

  ◆ Chapter 5 other 

  Article 24 (Intellectual Property Rights) 
  1. All intellectual property rights of the content provided through this service are exclusively owned by the Company. 
  2. If an act that is prohibited by domestic and foreign copyright laws and other laws, such as unauthorized copying of our content or unauthorized use of another without permission, is found regardless of the purpose. , We will take legal action immediately. 
  3. In the event of any dispute with a third party in violation of the provisions of this Article, the Member shall resolve such dispute in its responsibility and expenses, and shall not cause any damage, loss or disadvantage to the Company. I shall not give it. 

  Article 25 (Government Law, Jurisdiction of Agreement) 
  1. If there is a problem that can not be solved by the terms of service or our guidance and response regarding the use of this service, we will discuss and resolve with our sincerity with both parties in good faith. 
  2. This Regulations shall be interpreted under Japanese law, and if there is a need for a lawsuit concerning this Regulations, it will be the exclusive court of jurisdiction for the first trial of the Kyoto District Court. 

  that's all 

  Established on July 1, 2017 
  July 3, 2017 takes effect 

  ■■■ Point Terms and Conditions ■■■ 

  Article 1 (Objective) 
  1. This regulation is a member (hereinafter referred to as "member") whose Wa Rust Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") has registered as a member based on the Samurai Mall member agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "member agreement"). The terms and conditions of the provision of the point service (hereinafter referred to as the "point service") that can be used on this site will be determined. 
  2. The terms and conditions of the membership rules apply to the matters not stipulated in this rule regarding this point service. 

  Article 2 (Change of this service) 
  1. The Company may change the content of the Service, the content of the Service or the conditions of the Service provision (abolition of points, suspension of point grants, change of eligible items or transactions, point grant rate or This may include, but is not limited to, changes in utilization rates, which may cause the service to stop or stop.  Members shall accept this in advance. 
  2. The Company shall not be liable for any disadvantage or damage caused to the members by the change in the preceding paragraph. 

  Article 3 (Grant of points) 
  1. The Company is “samurai mall point” if the other company finds that it is appropriate when purchasing goods or using services according to the method designated by the Company on the website designated by the Member or other Company. We will give (hereinafter referred to as "point"). 
  2. All decisions regarding whether or not to grant points for a transaction, the number of points to be granted, and all other points are to be made entirely by the Company, and the Member shall not dispute this. 
  3. The points, services and transactions subject to point grant (hereinafter referred to as the “targeted transaction”), point grant rates, and other point terms are determined by the Company.  Please be careful about the explanation in the above, because it may vary depending on the shopkeeper, the type of transaction, or the type of service used, whether or not it is eligible for points, the rate of giving points, and the expiration date. 
  4. Points are awarded after a certain period defined by the Company after the target transaction has been conducted.  If the Company confirms that the Target Transaction has been canceled or returned within this period, no points will be awarded to the Target Transaction, and if there is a price change in the Target Transaction, the purchase price after the change. It is granted according to 

  Article 4 (Point Management) 
  1. The Company will notify the Member of the points earned by the Member, the points used by the Member and the balance of the points in the display screen for each Member by the Company's prescribed method. 
  2. The final decision on the number of points in paragraph 1 shall be made by the Company, and members shall not make any objections accordingly. 

  Article 5 (prohibition of point addition) 
  When one member has registered more than one member, members can not combine points held in each member registration. 

  Article 6 (Cancellation and disappearance of points) 
  1. After the Company gives points, returns or cancels the target transaction. Other When there is a reason that it is appropriate for the Company to cancel the giving of the points, the Company cancels the points given to the member by the target transaction. can do. 
  2. If the Company determines that the Member falls under any of the following items, it may cancel some or all of the points held by the Member without notifying the Member in advance. 
  (1) When there is illegal or cheating 
  (2) If there is a violation of this rule, membership rules, other rules, rules, etc. set by our company 
  (3) other When it is judged that it is appropriate for the Company to cancel the points given to members 
  3. If the target transaction is not conducted beyond the period set by the Company, the points will disappear automatically. 
  4. We do not take any responsibility for any points which have been canceled or lost. 

  Article 7 (Use of Points in Settlement) 
  1. The member holds the points held by the company at a conversion rate determined by the company according to the company's prescribed method and includes the settlement price (product price, shipping fee, handling fee or consumption tax) at each mall shop or the company designated web site. Can be used to pay all or part of). 
  2. The Company may limit the services, products, etc. that are subject to the use of points described in paragraph 1, or may impose conditions on the use of points. 
  3. If the member cancels the settlement under paragraph 1, in principle, the points used for the settlement will be returned, and cash will not be returned.  However, if it is not possible to return in points due to our administrative circumstances, cash may be returned from the shop that has made the payment. 
  4. If the member uses points to pay the full payment price and then the payment is reduced for any reason, the points or cash will be refunded in accordance with the previous paragraph.  If the member uses points for partial payment of the settlement price and then the settlement price is reduced for any reason, the payment is first refunded by another payment method, and the amount still needs to be refunded. In the case where there is a problem, we will respond to the shortfall in accordance with the preceding paragraph, such as refunding points or cash. 
  5. If the settlement fee is increased for any reason after the member uses the points for payment of the settlement fee, the member shall pay the increased amount by other payment method.  However, if the member has used points to pay the full payment amount, and if he has chosen to use all the points he holds for payment, the member holds the points for payment of the increased amount. It shall be used preferentially, and if the remaining amount of points falls short of the increase, the shortfall will be paid by other payment methods. 
  6. If a member uses all the points he holds to pay for the settlement of a transaction, if there is a grant or refund of new points to the member within a fixed period determined by the company after the transaction, The points granted or returned will also be automatically appropriated to the payment for the transaction settlement. 

  Article 7 (Use of points other than settlement) 
  1. Members must use the points they hold in accordance with the method established by the Company, in addition to the use for settlement in each shop as defined in the preceding article, and exchange them for presents and other benefits (collectively referred to as "Privileges" below) I can. 
  2. The Company will, at any time, set up the benefits that can be redeemed based on the points owned by the member and notify the member in the manner prescribed by the Company. 
  3. The types of benefits, contents, points required for exchange, and conditions for using other points shall be determined by the Company, and the Company may set, change or terminate these at any time.  Depending on the circumstances, it may not be possible to offer the benefits for which the member has offered an exchange, but in that case, the benefits will be changed or the points will be returned to the members. 
  4. The Company will not take any responsibility for compensation for any inconvenience caused to the members due to the reasons set forth in the preceding paragraph. 
  5. When using the points, the member shall notify the destination of the benefit, the contact other, etc., as defined by the company.  When sending benefits such as presents to members, the address will only be sent to the member's name within the address of the member's residence in Japan.  It can not be sent overseas, to non-members, or to PO Boxes. 
  6. Depending on the benefits, they may be provided by our partner company.  In this case, the conditions for using the award are in accordance with the terms and conditions of each partner company, and we do not guarantee the quality and usefulness of the award.  If there is a defect in these benefits, we will resolve them with the partner that sent and provided the benefits. 
  7. Members may not return rewards or exchange for other rewards unless the Company or the rewards provider is responsible. 

  Article 8 (Loss of goods or benefits, damage etc.) 
  If an accident such as loss, theft, damage, or delay occurs during or after delivery of the goods subject to Article 7 settlement or the benefits of the preceding article, the accident is the responsibility of the Company, unless We are not responsible at all and will not refund points. 

  Article 9 (Cancellation of points after using points) 
  1. If, after the member has used the points for settlement under Article 7, if the points are withdrawn under Article 6, the transaction subject to the settlement (hereinafter referred to as the “Point Usage Transaction”) will be canceled or put on hold there is.  Members should pay the Company the deficit due to the cancellation of points immediately to the Company in cash or by a method designated by the Company if the point use transaction has been executed or is to be executed. 
  2. If the member cancels the points described in the previous paragraph after using the points for exchanging the benefits according to Article 8, the application for the benefits will be cancelled.  If a member has already received a benefit, he / she shall immediately return to the Company or pay the amount equivalent to the benefit. 

  Article 10 (Use by third parties) 
  1. The use of points shall be made by the member himself, and can not be made by a third party other than the member. 
  2. The Company considers it to be used by the Member if the Company confirms that the Member ID and password entered when using the points match the registered ones according to the prescribed method.  Even if it is abused by a third party, we will not refund the points used.  In addition, we do not take any responsibility for the damage caused to the member. 

  Article 11 (prohibition of transfer of quality of points etc.) 
  Members can not transfer or redeem their points to other members or share points among members. 

  Article 12 (impossible of cash) 
  Members can not redeem points under any circumstances. 

  Article 13 (Taxes and Expenses) 
  If taxes and incidental expenses are incurred in connection with the acquisition of points, use of points, exchange for benefits, etc., the members shall bear all of them under their responsibility. 

  Article 14 (Loss of membership status / suspension) 
  If a member loses his / her status, he / she loses all of the points he holds, the right to exchange for benefits, and all other rights regarding the use of this service, and with the loss of his / her status, It shall not acquire the claim right. 

  Article 15 (Disclaimer) 
  While we will do our best to operate this service based on the level of technology at that time, there is no guarantee that no failure will occur.  We are not liable for any interruptions, delays, cancellations, loss of data, failures related to point use, damage caused by unauthorized access to data, damage caused to members by this service, etc. Shall not be 

  that's all 

  Established on July 1, 2017 
  July 3, 2017 takes effect 

  ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ consent to the handling of personal information ■ ■ ■ 

  When applying for the Service, the Member agrees to handle the personal information of the member whom the Company knows about the use of the Service, as follows, after the Company has taken protective measures. 

  Article 1 Purpose of using personal information 
  The Company acquires and uses the member's personal information for the purposes described in each section. 
  (1) For examination and registration as a member when using this service 
  (2) For notification and communication of service and information update related to this service 
  (3) For analysis and statistics on our business activities and market research 
  (4) For various communications with members while members are using the service 

  Article 2 Consignment of personal information 
  The Company may consign all or part of the member's information to other businesses within the scope of the purpose of use in Article 1.  For the outsourcing company, we will select a outsourcing company with a sufficient level of protection and conclude a contract for the handling of personal information. 

  Article 3 Providing Personal Information to Third Parties 
  The Company shall, under (1) the preceding Article, (2) with the consent of the member himself, (3) share personal information with a business partner that has a partnership within the scope required to achieve the purpose of use specified to the member. We do not provide the obtained personal information to a third party except when using or (4) based on the law. 

  Article 4 Arbitrary nature of giving personal information and the result that occurs when not giving such information 
  All personal information acquired by our company is provided by the intention of the members.  Please note that if you can not provide the required items, you may not use this service. 

  Article 5 Right to personal information 
  The Company will notify, disclose, correct the contents, add or delete, stop or cancel the use of personal information held by the Company, and stop the provision to third parties at the request of the members themselves. It corresponds to ") etc.  Please refer to the following "Contact information" for the window regarding disclosure, correction, deletion, etc. 

 ・ Personal information protection manager 
  Wa Rust Inc. Hiroshi Okubo 

 ・ Contact information about personal information 
  Wa Rust Samurai Mole, Inc. Customer Support Center 
  Phone: 050-5838-3170 (hours from 10am to 6pm on weekdays, weekends and holidays) 
  E-mail: info@samurai-mall.com 

  that's all 

  Established on July 1, 2017 
  July 3, 2017 takes effect 

  ■■■ Samurai mall Return conditions ■■■ 

  Please contact the store directly for the return acceptance. 
  The stores have set equivalent return and exchange conditions, but some stores have their own return and exchange conditions.  You can check the conditions for returns and exchanges set by each store from "About Returns and Refunds" in the store information. 

  Condition of return / exchange according to product 
  This item has a return policy in advance that applies to the following items.  If there is no description in each store information, the following conditions apply, please check. 

  ◇ Books, foreign books 
 ・ We do not accept exchange for reason that there is not damage or band of book band. 
 ・ Magazines do not accept returns or exchanges for customer convenience. 

  ◇ DVD · CD 
 ・ If the item is damaged only in the case of CD or DVD, a replacement case will be sent (Maxi single, 2 pack case, other special case, or the product if the item itself is damaged) We accept returns and exchanges). 

 パ ソ コ ン PCs, peripherals, video games 
 ・ When returning personal computers, peripheral devices, and video game consoles, please delete all information including customer's personal information and history recorded in the product and return it to the condition before purchasing.  If information, history, etc. recorded in returned goods remain, preservation of the information, history, etc., confidentiality, all other rights pertaining to the information, history, etc., other benefits are abandoned Please note that you agree to be considered. 
  -Products with software other than standard software installed, and products with defects resulting from them are not returned or exchanged. 

 ホ ー ム Home & Kitchen 
 ・ Safety does not accept returned goods / exchange. 

 植物 Plants 
 ・ We do not accept returns or exchanges for customer convenience. 

 ペ ッ ト Pet supplies 
 ・ We do not accept returned goods / exchange for food, food and supplements for creature, pet by customer convenience. 

 ド ラ ッ グ Drugstore Beauty 
 ・ Pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs, cosmetics, supplements, and medical devices are not returned or exchanged for customer convenience. 

 食品 Food, Beverage, Liquor 
 ・ We do not accept returns or exchanges for customer convenience. 
 ・ Please contact each store if you wish to return or exchange due to trouble or problems. 

  ◇ clothes & fashion accessories, shoes & bags 
 ・ We do not accept returns or exchanges for customer convenience. 
  -If you return the product you tried on, you will not be able to bear the item price (tax included) and domestic return shipping cost excluding shipping charges, handling charges and gift wrapping charges.  We do not accept exchange for the same product, but some products may be different or different in color, and may be interchangeable. 
 ・ Earring, body earring does not receive returned goods / exchange by the customer convenience after opening. 
 ・ Please try on the product indoors with the product tag attached.  In addition, please put on the face and the head with the product such as Su Calf and try it on wearing type products.  Wear your own underwear and try on your swimwear and underwear.  Please try on shoes wearing socks and stockings. 
 ・ We do not accept returned goods / exchange of used product.  The following items are considered to be used. 
  -Wearing and damage (wrinkles, Stain on the sole, scratches on the sole, etc.) that can not occur in fitting. 
 ・ Odor such as perfume and cigarette, and cosmetic Stain such as foundation attached. 
  -Due to the nature of the product, fashion bags receive refund only if the product is defective or damaged.  We do not accept refunds for customer convenience and exchange for any reason. 

  Watch, jewelry 
  -If the product you tried on is returned, only if the price is less than 300,000 yen (tax included), the product price (tax included) excluding the shipping fee, handling fee and gift wrapping fee will be refunded and the domestic return shipping fee.  We do not accept exchange for the same product, but some products may be different or different in color, and may be interchangeable. 
 ・ Earring, body earring does not receive returned goods / exchange by the customer convenience after opening. 
  -Watch and jewelry whose price is over 300,000 yen (tax included) will not be returned or exchanged except in the case of initial failure. 
  -For watches and jewelry with prices over 300,000 yen (tax included), please see "High-priced items" on this page, and also see "Parallel imports" on this page for watches and jewelry from parallel imports.  Please see also. 
  -When touching the product, wear gloves to prevent stains and rust.  In addition, in addition to gloves, when wearing it, wear parts (wrist, neck, etc.) with Calf or handkerchiefs, etc. so that the product does not hit the skin directly. 
 ・ When you try on the watch, do not start the product and do with accessories (such as product tags, protective stickers, battery sheets, etc.) attached.  Do not fasten bands, do not process bands or pack them. 
 ・ We do not accept returned goods / exchange of used product.  The following items are considered to be used. 
 ・ What removed battery seat, what was charged (battery-operated watch or smart watch). 
  -If you have any problems after wearing the watch, please contact the manufacturer, etc. listed in the warranty card directly to check the content of the warranty service. 
  -The battery built into the product is a monitor battery, not included in the product price.  If the battery is exhausted, please contact each manufacturer directly. 

  DIY DIY · tools 
 ・ For timber, large-sized Wooden building materials, and products with motor (such as lawn mowers and mowers), we do not accept returns or exchanges for customer convenience. 
 ・ The toilet, vanity stand, system kitchen and door are not returned or exchanged by customer's convenience. 

 ス ポ ー ツ sports & outdoor 
  -The same conditions as for clothes & fashion accessories, shoes & bag stores apply to products that fall under sportswear (including swimwear), sports shoes and sports bags. 
 ・ Please return the bicycle after releasing the crime prevention registration. 

  ◇ Car bike products 
 ・ Motorized bicycles and motorcycles are not returned or exchanged for customer convenience. 
 ・ Car battery and motorcycle battery do not receive returned goods / exchange by customer convenience. 

 フ ァ イ ン Fine Art 
 ・ If you order by frame after shipping, it will not be returned or exchanged since it corresponds to a made-to-order product. 
 ・ If it is different from the normal shipping option such as art transportation, the condition of return / exchange of special handling product is applied because it becomes special handling product.  Please refer to "Special Handling Items" on this page for return / exchange of special handling items. 
  -Please be sure to return everything, such as the box, certificate, certificate, etc. that was included.  If there is a shortage of items shipped to the customer, we will not accept returns or exchanges. 
 ・ We do not accept returns or exchanges of works with scratches or Stain after delivery. 
  -For the record, please take a photo that shows the reason for return / exchange before returning, and leave it. 

 商品 Products to be used by injecting or attaching fuel 
 ・ If you have trouble or trouble in operation after injecting or installing fuel, please contact the manufacturer directly. 
 ・ If you wish to return or replace a product that has a problem or a defect, please remove the fuel and return it for safety reasons. 
 ・ Please put the delivery note in the packing material pasted on the outside, pack it in double plastics bag and return it. 

 高額 High-priced items 
 ・ High-priced items are items over 300,000 yen (tax included). 
 ・ Return by customer's convenience will be accepted only in case of unused / unopened.  Exchange is not accepted regardless of the reason or condition. 
 ・ We will accept returned goods and replacement only for high-priced watches and jewelry only in the case of initial failure.  We do not accept returns or exchanges for other reasons. 
  -Due to the nature of the product, be sure to specify the shipping company designated by each store and return it.  After completing the online procedure, we will send you an email regarding the shipping company you will use upon return. 
 ・ When returning unused / unopened goods by the customer convenience, in addition to the return shipping fee, you will be responsible for carrying insurance. 
  -In order to proceed with the refund processing after confirming the condition of the returned product, it takes more time for the refund processing to be completed compared to the normal refund processing.  You will be notified by email when the refund is complete. 

 特別 Special handling products (except for large furniture and home appliance special services) 
 ・ We do not accept returns or exchanges for customer convenience. 
  -If there is a problem or a defect in the product, please use the after-sales service of the product manufacturer.  Handling fee, carry-in cost using stairs, installation fee and COD fee will be fully refunded. 
 ・ At the time of delivery, you will receive a receipt mark on the prescribed form.  Please check the product before pressing the receipt mark, and notify the worker if there are scratches or stains.  After receiving the receipt mark, we can not accept returns / exchanges caused by product problems due to delivery. 
 ・ Please contact customer service if you wish to return or exchange after confirmation with the manufacturer. 

 並行 Parallel imports 
 ・ Only watches and jewelry whose price is less than 300,000 yen (including tax) will be exchanged if they are in stock. 
 ・ Warranty repair may be received within the warranty period in accordance with the provisions of the international warranty.  Please refer to the manual included with the product for how to apply for repair. 

  that's all 

  Established on July 1, 2017 
  July 3, 2017 takes effect