Return / exchange

Regarding the return policy, we have a general return policy established, but because we prioritize the return policy from each shops,

please check the shop information at the bottom of each product page.


As a rule, we cannot accept customer's request for product exchanges due to possible product defects etc.

Please contact each shop for these issue related questions.


Samurai Mall Return Policy

Please contact the store directly for the return receipt. Depending on the shop, we have set the same policy for return and exchange, but some stores have set up their own returns and exchange policy. The policy of return / exchange set by each store can be confirmed from the "About returns and refunds" in the store information section.

Return & Exchange Policy

Items that fall under the following categories have a general return policy by Samurai Mall. So if there is no detailed description in the information of each shop's policy, the following policy applies.

Books / Foreign Books
•We do not accept replacements due to the absence or damage to the book cover
•Magazines do not have a returns & exchange policy.
• Products where the only damage is on the CD or DVD cases, will have a replacement case sent. (maxi single, two-piece case, other special case, but if the item itself is damaged, return the item. We will exchange it.)
Personal computer / peripheral equipment / TV games
• When returning personal computers, peripheral devices or the main unit of the TV gaming machine, please delete all personal information including customer's personal information and history recorded in the product. So please return it to the state as it was before your purchase before returning it. In the case that the information and history etc. recorded in the returned goods has not been delete, the customer agrees to forfeit the preservation of the information / history etc, confidentiality any rights relating to said information, history etc., also other gains are abandoned. Please note that customers agree that any other interests are deemed to be abandoned.
• We do not accept returns & exchanges for products that have installed software other than standard software, and products that caused problems due to it.
Home & Kitchen
• Safes or vaults do not have a returns & exchange policy.
• Returns or exchanges for to customer convenience is not accepted.
Pet Supplies
• Animals, foods and drinks for pets and supplements are not accepted for return or exchange.
Drug Store · Beauty
• We do not accept returns or exchangs for medicine, quasi-drugs, cosmetics, supplements & medical devices.
Food, Beverage & Liquor
• Returns or exchangs are not accepted.
• If you wish to return or exchange due to troubles or defects, please contact each store.
Clothing, fashion accessories, shoes & bags
• Returns or exchangs are not accepted.
Watches & Jewelry
• We will refund the item price (tax included) excluding shipping fee, handling fee and gift wrapping fee only when returning the item you tried on, and only when the price is less than 300,000 yen (tax included). Exchange with the same product is not accepted, but for some products, it may be possible to exchange with different products, different colors or different sizes.
• Earrings and body piercings are not supported by the return & exchange policy.
• Wristwatches and jewelry with a price of 300,000 yen (tax included) or more are not supported by the return & exchange policy except in case of initial failure.
• For watches and jewelry with a price of 300,000 yen (tax included) or more, please also refer to "High-priced item" on this page, please also see parallel import goods watch and jewelry "Parallel import goods" on this page.
• When you touch the product, please wear gloves to prevent dirt and rust. In addition, when trying on gloves, please wrap the part to be worn (wrists, neck, etc) with scarves, handkerchiefs etc., so that the product does not hit the skin directly.
• When trying on a wrist watch, please do not activate the item, but please keep attached items (product tag, protective seal, battery seat etc.) attached. Please do not stop the band, do not process the band, fill the frame, etc.
• Returns & exchange for used products are not accepted. The following is considered used.
• Those with battery sheets removed, charged ones (battery type wrist watch, smart watch, etc).
• If there is a problem after wearing a wristwatch, please first check the contents of the warranty service directly by contacting manufacturers listed in the warranty card.
• If it has a monitor battery for batteries built into the product, it is not included in the product price. In case of running out of batteries, please contact each manufacturer directly.
DIY · Tools
• Lumber, large wooden building materials, motorized products (lawn mowers, harvester, etc.) are not accepted for return or exchange.
• Toilets, washbasins, system kitchens, doors are not accepted.
Sports & Outdoor
• The same policy as clothing & fashion accessories, shoes & bag store apply to goods corresponding to sportswear (including bathing suits), sports shoes, sports bags.
Car & Motorcycle Supplies
• Motorbike bicycles, motorcycles are not accepted for return or exchange.
• Car battery, motorcycle battery are not accepted for return or exchange.
Fine Art
• If you frame the product after receipt of order, it falls under order made goods, so we do not accept returns / exchanges.
• If it differs from ordinary delivery options such as art transport, it becomes a special handling item, so the conditions of return / exchange of special handling items apply. For return / exchange of special handling items, please see "Special handling items" on this page.
• Please return all boxes, certificates, certificates etc. included in the package. In the case that the bundled items when delivered to the customer are missing, we do not accept returns / exchanges.
• Returns / exchanges of scratched or dirty products after delivery are not accepted.
• For documentational reasons, please take a picture that lets us know the reasons for return / exchange before returning.
Products to be used by injecting or installing fuel.
• If there is a problem or trouble during operation after injecting or installing fuel, please contact the maker's inquiry directly.
• If you wish to return or exchange items with problems or defects, please be sure to remove the fuel for safety reasons and return it.
• Put the invoice in the packaging material stuck on the outside, please return it after packing it with a double plastic bag.
High priced item
• A high-priced item is a product of 300,000 yen (tax included) or more.
• Returns will be accepted only when the product is unused / unopened. Exchange is not accepted regardless of the reason or state.
• Watch and jewelry high-priced items will be returned or exchanged only in case of initial failure. We do not accept returns / exchanges for other reasons.
• Due to the nature of the product, please be sure to ask the store which delivery company you can use to return it. After completing the online procedure, please inform us by e-mail about the courier that you will use when returning it.
• When returning unused / unopened goods, in addition to the return fee, please pay the transport insurance fee.
• As we process the refund process after checking the status of the returned item, we will give you time to complete the refund process as compared with the usual refund process. We will inform you by e-mail when refund processing is completed.
Special handled items (excluding products like large furniture and home appliances auto-negotiation service)
• Returns & exchanges are not accepted.
• If there are troubles or defects in the product, please use the after-sales service of the product manufacturer. Handling fee, carry-in fee using stairs, installation construction fee and cash-on-delivery charge will be refunded in full.
• After checking with the manufacturer, if you wish to return or exchange, please contact customer service.
Parallel import goods
• For watches and jewelry with price less than 300,000 yen (tax included), we will accept replacement if there is stock.
• As long as it is within the warranty period, warranty applicable repair may be accepted in accordance with the provisions contained in the international warranty. For how to apply for repair please refer to the guide bundled with the product.