Fremum Aquamist Spray 400 ml Sanitary Medical Removal Spray

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"Aquamispray 400 ml" is a sterile, deodorant and mildew-proof spray of odorless type, which is based on natural materials. It does not contain heavy Metal, it decomposes and deodorizes the odor from the original. It protects against bacteria, and the effect lasts. Ideal for sweat and cigarette smells attached to clothes, smell of shoes and socks, car deodorant, pet odor etc.


category Sanitary care
Material item Sterile spray
Product brandAquamist
Internal capacity400 ml
ADiameter 65 x Height 215 (mm)
how to use● Spray directly to the source of the smell, spraying from the high place of the room spreads every corner.
● Please use it in places where you are concerned about smell and where you want to keep in mind the hygiene aspect.
Usage notes· Please avoid direct spraying on Shiraki furniture and Leather goods etc.
· Accumulated odor may require a number of times until the smell disappears.
· The smell of the material remains. (Scent of wood, smell of Leather)
componentIngredients: Soybean, green tea, wheat etc. Natural extraction Specific gravity: 1.03
pH: 4.92
Adaptive temperature: 0 - 120 degrees

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