Accord International Ice & Warm Bag S 320 ml Hygiene Medical Ice Cup (Ice Cake)

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"Ice & Warm Bag S 320ml" fits widely and sits widely where you want to cool, where you want to warm. It is a clean and easy-to-use ice capsule with fresh skin. Wide mouth type socket is made of metal and durable. The square type cap is easy to grip, opening and closing is sure and easy, no water leaks. S: Diameter 15 cm.


category Sanitary care
Material item Ice cage (ice cream)
Product brandACCORD (Accord)
sizeDiameter 15 cm
how to use● When opening and closing please turn the cap while grasping the metal part of the socket.
● Do not twist the cap by grasping the bag body.
● When cooling:
○ Please do not put in except ice and fresh water.
Approximately 2/3 of the bag is suitable amount.
○ Do not crush the ice in the bag.
● When warm:
○ The hot water temperature that can be put is 45 degrees maximum.
○ Please do not put hot water more than hot bath hot water.
○ Beware of burns.
● Keep the cap tightly closed upside down and make sure that there is no water leakage before using.

Please drain after filling out contents after use, please cap. Please do not place anything sharp or heavy on the bag. Please do not disinfect or wash it. Avoid direct sunlight, please keep in a cool place as possible.

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