Daio Paper Goon Swimming Pants BIG's Girl Weight Estimate 12-20kg 3 pieces Baby & Kids Swimming Pants (Diapers for playing with water)

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"Goon Swimming Pants BIG's Girl Weight Estimate 12-20kg 3 pieces" is a single-use type Big's swimsuit that babies can enjoy with peace of mind. It doesn't swell even when it gets into water, and it always fits your body perfectly by using a super thin absorber. It can be easily replaced without getting your hands dirty. By adopting three-dimensional pocket gathered, you can stop the poop immediately. Illustrations of animals and fish that are good at swimming are designed on the entire surface. In the sea, rivers, park waters, in our mini pool, in the swimming school. * Some public facilities such as pools may not be available. Please check with the facility manager in advance before using.


Category Baby & Kids
Material ・ Item Swimming pants (water play diapers)
Product brandGoon (GOO. N)
Internal capacityThree
SizeBigs (height 80-100 cm)
How to use[How to choose a good one]
Weight is one of the guidelines for choosing a product. Even if the weight is the same, the fit may differ depending on the child's body shape. Please choose the one that fits your body perfectly.
M60-80 cm tall7-12 kg weight
L70-90 cm tallWeight 9-14 kg
Big80-100 cm tall12 kg or more

【Processing method after use】
・ Please clean up the stool attached to the swimming pants in the bathroom.
・Turn the staind part inside and roll it up to prevent it from becoming unsanitary.
・ Don't throw away your swimming pants in the bathroom.
・ Let's take swimming pants used when going out.
Usage notes● Please be careful while using your child's physical condition and safety.
● The use of swimming pants does not completely prevent the flow of feces.
● stool in water, the flow of urine components, does not prevent the infection of bacteria.
● Some public facilities may not be usable. ● Since it does not contain water-absorbing polymers, it can not be used as a regular disposable diaper.
● Keep children out of the reach of children so that children do not put swimming pants in their mouth.
● Avoid storing in a hot place or in a car for a long time, such as near a heating appliance.
● Because it is a single-use type swimwear, please do not wash. If you accidentally wash it, the contents of the swimming pants may stick to other clothing, but in this case please wash off with water enough.
● Replace your Stained swimming trunks frequently.
Caution on storageAfter opening, please keep it hygienic so that dust and insects do not enter.
Material● Surface material / polyolefin non-woven fabric
Water absorbent material / cotton pulp, absorbent paper
● Waterproof material / polyolefin film
● Elastic / Poly Urethane
● Binder / Styrene synthetic resin etc
Contact informationEliere customer consultation room / 0120-205-205
Reception hours / Saturday, Sunday, excluding holidays 9:30-16:30


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