Hiepita Kodomo yo(Cold compress for children) 12x4 sheets

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It is a cooling sheet that realizes excellent cooling effect.


category Sanitary care
Material item Cooling seat for children
Product brandPita cold
Internal capacity12 sheets + 4 pieces (2 pieces x 8 bags)
A50 x 110 (mm)
Description of item"Cool Pita Children's Cooling Sheet Increase Volume 16 (12 + 4)" is a cooling sheet that achieves excellent cooling effect. Cooled for 8 hours with cool moisture until morning. The moisture content of the high-moisture base PAC-55 was 85%. By the heat of vaporization of plenty of moisture contained in the sheet, the high cooling effect lasts 8 hours. So cool till the morning. You can save time and effort.
Moreover, it is a polyacrylic acid type tackifier which has high adhesive strength and less skin irritation. It is hard to peel off even if you roll over, and it's a skin that is easy to get rid of on your skin.
Contact InformationLion Corporation 1-3-7 Main office of Sumida-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 0120-813-752
Country of originChina
component● Ingredients Rosemary Extract, Clarice Lime Extract, Time Extract, Minte Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Lavender Oil (Flavor), Parabens, Polysorbate 80, Edetate, Glycerin, I-Menthol

● Weakly acidic to the skin ● Skin stimulation tested by a skin specialist (※)
(※) Not all people get irritated skin.
Usage notes● Babies, handicapped people, such as those who are difficult to use themselves, when you stick them to your mouth and nose or put in your mouth, you may not be able to breathe, so be sure to be a guardian or Please pay full attention under the supervision of the nurse.
● If you feel uncomfortable feeling (itching, pain, redness etc.) on your skin, or abnormal skin (Halle, rash etc) appears, if you feel that it does not fit your skin, please stop using it immediately. If abnormalities remain on your skin, please bring this product and consult your doctor.
● Please do not use in the area of ​​eyes, mucosa, and skin abnormalities (wounds, burns, burns due to sunburn, eczema, etc.).
● If you eat it incorrectly, if any abnormality comes out please consult your doctor.
● If the gel dries, the cooling effect and adhesion will decrease, so put unused portion in the bag, firmly bend the opening and make sure the sheet does not touch the outside air.
● Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature places, please keep in a cool place as possible.

※ This product is not a pharmaceutical product, please use as an aid for heat supplement. If high fever and / or fever persists consult your doctor.
· For infants, we recommend "For cool pita baby".
how to use● Peel off the transparent film and paste it on the part you want to cool.
● If you are sweating, sticking becomes bad, please use it well after wiping. Also, repeating repositioning will cause poor sticking, so please avoid as much as possible.
● Storing it in a refrigerator or the like, you can obtain even higher cooling effect (please do not put in the freezing room).
● The cooling effect lasts 8 hours (The cooling time may be shortened depending on the degree of heat generation.If you do not feel the effect, replace it.
● Please use this product only once per function and hygiene.
* It is effective when used together with cold Pita For body which chills the neck, under the armpit.

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