Japanese Popular Eye Wash Medicine Rohto C3 Soft One Moist a 500ml

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"Rot C-cube Soft One Moist a Wash Solution for Soft Lense 500ml" is a soft rinse solution that can be used for all soft and disposable lense.
Scrubbing, disinfecting, protein removal, rinsing, storage is OK with this one. At a pH close to tears, it is gentle on your eyes. Quasi drug.


category Health care
Material ・ Item Soft lense for cleaning agent
Product brandRohto C cube
Internal capacity500ml
how to useAlways wash your hands thoroughly with soap before handling the soft contact lense.
(1) scrubbing
Put your soft contact lense out of your eyes on your palm. Apply a few drops of this agent to the surface of the lense and gently scrub each side of the lense with your fingers 20-30 times.
(2) Rinse
Rinse thoroughly with this agent on both sides of the soft contact lens that has been scrubbed.
(3) Disinfection and preservation
Fill the lens case with this agent, completely cover the lense, and firmly close the case lid. If it is left for more than 4 hours, the disinfection is complete.

※ It is recommended to rinse with this agent and install it for lense and eyes.
Usage notes● Please carefully read the attached instruction manual before using.
● This drug can be used for all soft contact lenses (Group I-Group IV).
● We can not use for hard, O2 contact lense.
componentActive ingredient: 0.001 mg of polyhexanide hydrochloride contained in 1 ml
Ingredients: Thickener, tonicity agent, buffer, stabilizer, surfactant, pH adjuster
Designated ingredients: boric acid, edetate
Effect / effectDisinfection of soft contact lense (group I-group IV)
Contact informationRohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd .: 0120-610-492
Reception hours 9: 00-18: 00 (except weekends and holidays)


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