New Vitamin C anti-woven cloth type mask-like compound came

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"New Vitamin C Blended Mask Faucet Proof Nonwoven Fabric Type 2 pieces" effectively prevents virus invasion and release by two layers of "Vitamin C formulation filter" and "Silver + zeolite formulation filter". Moreover, "antibacterial effect on fiber is demonstrated by" silver + zeolite formulation filter ". Furthermore, we adopted "special high-performance filter" which physically adsorbs fine particles such as bacteria, pollen, dust and so on. The vitamin C blending filter uses a weakly acidic nonwoven fabric that is smooth and easy to the skin. Omega type three-dimensional structure and perforations in the center of the mask will soften the mouth feeling of pressure and will fit tightly from the nose to the chin. I use the nose piece of Made of resin.


category Sanitary care
Material item Antivirus mask
Product brandBreeze
Internal capacity2 pieces of individual packaging
A160 x 90 (mm)
how to use1. With the nosepiece part facing upward, spread out the mask up and down and cover it from the nose to the chin in three dimensions.
2. Hold the nosepiece with your fingers and fit tightly to fit the shape of the nose.
Usage notes· Because it is disposable, please do not wash it.
· This product has no effect on harmful dust, gas, steam, etc.
· If symptoms such as itching or rash appear, stop using it immediately and consult your doctor.

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