Sorbo Power Mesh Fixed M Left Black By Sorbo

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"Solovo Power Mesh Fixed Type M Left Black" is a thin type mesh type superior fitting, solvo supporter for hallux valgus and inferior toe correction. "Sorbo" is an artificial muscle excellent in shock absorbing power and pressure dispersion performance. It also has antimicrobial and deodorant power, cuts off obnoxious smell from sweat and Stain.
Applying the taping theory, strengthening the soles balance by adjusting the sole balance. It leads to beautiful walking. The hook and loop fastener of the middle foot belt tightens the metatarsal ligament supporting the metatarsal joint. The Length arch will play and the toes will be able to be used firmly by opening the fingers. It prevents pain by absorbing the protrusions of the hallux valgus varus small toe and the pressure and impact to the sole of the foot.
A thin breathable "power mesh" prevents misalignment with an excellent fit. Moreover, by the heel strap using the hook and loop fastener, the supporter's displacement is prevented.


category Health care
Material ・ Item Supporters hallux valgus care
Product brandSorbo hallux valgus
Internal capacityFor left foot
Usage notes● Please read the instructions carefully.
● Please note that it may slide due to the nature of the article when using it indoors.
● When wearing shoes for outdoor use, please choose shoes with a wide width and low pressure without crackling.
● During use, if you feel a sense of incongruity on your feet, if you have a problem, stop using and consult a specialist.
Quality indicationBody: Nylon, poly Urethane
Pad (Sorbo): Poly Urethane
TheFor those with particularly wide foot widths and those with bending toes, please choose 1 s large.
S (21.5 - 23.0 cm)
M (23.5-25.0 cm)
L (25.5 - 27.0 cm)


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