Yanase Waiki Caneson baby pump etoca Baby & Kids Manual breast pump

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"Kaneson's milk pump etoca" is easy to clean, compact with easy-to-carry palms, easy to milk without assembling, is a milk pump.
Fit to your skin in a form considering stability, removal from the chest is also smooth. Also, because there is a graduation scale, you can understand milk yield at a glance.
Recommended for such times.
Breast tightness / pre-milking at lactation / squeezing excess mother's milk / breast milk / breast milk at breastfeeding / breast care at breast feeding


category Baby & Kids
Material item Manual breast pump
Product brandKaneson
how to use● Sowing milk procedure
(1) Tightly attach the cup portion of the milk pump to the breast.
Please apply so that the nipple comes to the center of the milk cup part.
※ Please take a forward tilting posture so that the bottom of the milk pump and the floor are parallel.
(2) Suction power varies depending on the grip strength of the milk pump's body part.
If you grip it quickly and release it quickly, it will be strong pressure, gently squeeze and slowly release will result in a weak pressure. Please adjust the power and speed according to the condition of breast milk.
* If you support the breast from below with the other hand, you can get along well.
【PUSH button】
It is used when you feel a strong pain in milk or to remove the suction pressure of the pump.
By pushing the PUSH button, the cut of the valve opens and the suction pressure disappears.

● How to Care
(1) Please wash carefully with a sponge or a brush using a detergent for dishes.
(2) After washing, please disinfect with boiling, medicine, microwave etc.

· Boil a large amount of water in a large pan.
Please make sure milk pump does not come out of the water, put it in pot, boil water. Please boil for 5 minutes after boiling.

· Drugs Use a commercially available disinfectant and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

· Microwave oven Use a commercially available microwave oven disinfector and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

(3) After disinfection, please keep in a clean place after drying.
Usage notes· When breast milk, the angle at which breast pump is applied to breast depends on individuals. Please try several times and milk at an angle that suits yourself.

· If you milk over the scale graduation, breast milk overflows and causes leakage.
Please do not milk beyond the standard scale.

· Please do not use for purposes other than basting.

· Because it is made of silicone rubber, Peel may be scratched if handled roughly.

· Because of the characteristics of silicone rubber, it is easy to adsorb Odor, so please clean immediately after use.
Moreover, although it may be slightly Discolors when used for a long time, there is no problem in quality.

· Please do not leave near fire.

· Keep the package carefully and read back when necessary.
please note● Precautions before baking • When purchasing a milk pump for the first time after purchase, please clean and disinfect.

· At the time of purchase, we applied oil-like food additives to the PUSH button valve part. This is for protecting valve function and there is no safety problem.

· PUSH button Be sure to check that the cut of the valve part opens.

· Be sure to thoroughly wash your fingers with soap and keep it clean before cleaning.

There are individual differences in the way of breastfeeding. Please do not use it when breast milk does not come out even if using a milk pump. It may cause pain in the nipple and mammary gland.

· If you feel abnormalities or pain in the papilla or mammary gland, stop taking babies immediately and consult a specialist or midwife.

· When using milk, please use relaxed in a stable posture.

· Breast massage before breast milk will promote breast milk secretion.
Product SpecificationsHeat resistant temperature: 120 degrees Disinfection method: boiling, medicine, microwave
MaterialMaterial indication: Silicone rubber
Country of originChina
Contact InformationYanase Waichi Co., Ltd. 5334-0014
1-23-35 Toshijima Kita-Tsu, Osaka-shi
Customer Counter TEL / 06-6928-3199
(Month excluding holidays - Fri 9: 30-17: 00)

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