Edifick Shubai tour organic instant coffee cafe Africa 100g food coffee (organic JAS)

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"Schubai Tour Organic Instant Coffee Cafe Africa 100g" is coffee using organic coffee beans (Highland Robusta seeds).
Freeze dry processing.
It has a fruit-based flavor that gives it a balanced and overall impression. The container uses the lightweight The plastic bottle. Fair trade. Organic JAS certified product.
About the notation such as shelf life
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Category Hood
Material ・ Item Coffee (organic JAS)
Internal capacity100g
How to eatPour 2 g into a cup and pour in hot water. It also dissolves in water, so you can enjoy iced coffee in summer.
Preservation methodStore away from direct sunlight, heat and humidity.
Raw material name, nutritional component etc.Name: Organic Instant Coffee
Ingredient name: Organic coffee beans (producer: Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Honduras)
Country of originAustria
Contact information
Importer: Edific Co., Ltd.
Yokohama City Isogo Ward Mori 3-chome-21-18
Phone: 045-754-8808


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