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"Platon bottle cap humidifier TKDR - 002" is a humidifier that humidifies even a small amount.
PET bottle as it is to humidifier.
Just by inserting it in a plastic bottle, mineral water is directly used as a humidifier.
A nice USB power supply in the office.
Ultrasonic expression without heat.
Office, bedroom, vehicle, travel, cafe.
※ PET bottles are not included in the product. Please purchase separately.


category Consumer electronics
Material item humidifier
Product brandPlatoon
Internal capacity1 piece
set content【set content】
· Body · USB code · 2 filters

· Weight · · · 60 g
· Power supply · · · USB (DC 5 V)
· Power consumption · · · 1 W
Amount of humidification 15 mL / hour Humidification area 5 m 2
· Continuous humidification time ... 4 hours (with automatic OFF function)
※ The amount of humidification and humidification time will change depending on the usage conditions.
please note· We can not guarantee the occurrence of abnormality of used equipment. Please understand that you use it at your own risk.
· Please do not use for purposes other than original use.
· Never modify, disassemble or repair the product.
· Please insert / remove Platge gently.
· Do not use nonconforming bottles.
· Please use water soluble aroma. When using oil, the filter works.
· Do not immerse this product in water or apply water to the body.
· When using in the vicinity of electronic equipment etc., please keep it about 30 cm apart.
· Please do not use near fire.
· Do not install or store in hot and humid places or in direct sunlight or hot air.
· Do not place heavy objects on the unit or subject it to impact such as falling.
· When not using, please remove from the power source and throw away the water and keep it.
· Please keep it out of reach of children.
· We recommend using mineral water or purified water. * Some overseas mineral water containing a large amount of coal is not suitable for use.
· When the use time has passed 4 hours or the water supply to the filter runs out, the power will be turned off automatically. Reseat it by plugging in and unplugging the power supply and refilling water.
· Bottles above 280 ml can only be used within the reach of the filter.
· Please do not damage the spray part. Please wipe with a Cotton stick with vinegar if it becomes clogged white.
· Although the filter replacement period is roughly 3 months, please reduce it if the amount of spray decreases or if you care about the smell.
· Please keep in mind that no bacteria are generated by always using fresh water etc. Please use it.
Material· ABS, Aluminum niium, PE
Country of originKorea
Contact InformationTokyo Planning and Sales 2-47-3 Onuma cho Kodaira-shi, Tokyo
Phone: 042-341-1122

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