Higashimaru Soy Sauce Higashimaru Norikuchi Miso Pork Bone Dashi 160 g Food Umami Seasoning

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"Higashimaru Netsuki Miso Pork Bone Dashi 160 g" is a seasoning seasoning. Based on Shinshu miso, we combined pork and flavor oil.
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category Food
Material item Seasoning seasoning
Product brandHigashimaru
Internal capacity160 g
Preservation methodStorage at room temperature away from direct sunlight
Raw material name · Nutrition ingredients etc.Name: Japanese style seasoning (paste)
Ingredients: Miso, sugar, edible fats and oils, salt, soy sauce (real brew), protein hydrolyzate, pork extract, flavor oil, butter, starch, and extract, brewed vinegar, yeast extract / seasoning (amino acids etc.) (Including wheat, milk ingredients, soybean, pork), thickener (processed starch, alginate ester), spice extract, caramel pigment, emulsifier, sweetener (licorice)
Contact InformationHigashima Soy Sauce Customer Consultation Room
TEL: 0791-63-4635

Seller: Higashimaru Soy Oil Co., Ltd. Hyogo Prefecture Tatsunoichi Tatsunocho Mitanaga 100-3

Manufacturer: Konan Oil & Fat Co., Ltd. 17 Koino City Higashinada Ward, Uozakihama Town 17

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