Nakayama Kogyo Co., Ltd. Zhongshan formula New rejuvenator Strong type K type (2 ball type) 1 piece sanitary medical pushing pressure device all

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"Zhongshan New Type Combustor Type Strong Type K (2 ball type) 1 piece" is a pressing health machine for the neck and shoulder with 2 balls of pressing ball. By simply laying on your back on your back and applying weight, the bulb head substitutes the work of "Anama" "Shiatsu" and you can press the points on both sides of the spine while sleeping. It corrects curvature of the spine and keeps the correct posture, at the same time it relaxes muscle stiffness and fatigue.
Using only 10-15 minutes in the morning, keep your body healthy. It is a stronger pressing recommended for those with severe Cori and muscular quality.


category Sanitary care
Material item All pressurized health devices
Product brandNakayama formula
Internal capacity1 piece
() / 2 ball typeVertical 11.0 cm x Length 14.5 cm x Height 7.0 cm
Usage notes● Please never sleep while using.
● Do not hold down the same place for a long time while pressing while moving by hand.
● After use, please take a rest for about 10 minutes, avoid heavy labor, bathing, extreme exercise, etc.
● Do not use it when there is inflammation, trauma, pain or a fracture in the pressing part.
● If you are pregnant, those with disabilities in the heart, or those currently receiving medical treatment, please consult your doctor before use.
● If you feel uncomfortable symptoms such as severe pain due to the use of this instrument, stop using and consult your doctor promptly.
● Please avoid using your child on development.
MaterialBody / Styrol resin spring / Steel
Ball Head / Chrome Plating Finish

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