Kaoru Food Industry Sunrise Orchard Organic Sodder Prunes 140 g Food Prunes (Dried Fruits)

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"Sunrise orchard garden soil prune 140 g" is a seedless prune (dry fruit). We have finished prunes cultivated and harvested in the farms in the northern part of California as soft type easy to eat. As it is, please use it for making dishes and confectionery etc.
Descriptions of expiration dates etc. are described in the package.


category Food
Material item Prunes (dried fruits)
Product brandSunrise
Internal capacity140 g
Usage notes● There is a relaxing action (things get loose) in the prune, so take proper quantity according to your physical condition · constitution.
● Since preservatives are not used, please move to a sealed container after opening and store in a refrigerator, please enjoy as possible as soon as possible.
* In rare cases, white cloudiness may occur on the Inside of the bag, but this is because the fructose contained in the prune is dry, so there is no problem in quality.
* Since rare species and seeds may be left behind, please be careful.
* This product is sorting out, but in rare cases some of the prunes branches may remain, so please be careful.
Preservation methodAvoid direct sunlight, heat and humidity, please save at room temperature.
Raw material name · Nutrition ingredients etc.Raw materials: prune Nutrition information table: energy: 243 kcal per 100 g, protein: 2.3 g, lipid: 0.2 g, carbohydrate: 54.2 g, dietary fiber: 7.6 g, sodium: 0 mg, potassium: 658 mg, iron: 0.9 mg, vitamin A : 117 μg
Country of originAmerica

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