Diamond Corporation diamond fingers Bath cleaner exclusive spare cleaner 1 piece Daily necessities sponge for brush / brush

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"One spare cleaner exclusive for a diamond fingerprint cleaner" is a replacement cleaner dedicated to a fingerprint bus cleaner. Anti-bacterial / mildew-proofing treatment is applied to soft nonwoven fabric which is difficult to attach Scratch, and it can be used anytime cleanly. Consider effective use of resources, please use pattern in succession. It can not be used for mounting on other company's products and only for this product.


category Daily necessities
Material item Bath sponge brush
Product brandDaiya (diamond)
ColorWhite / Blue
weight23 g
Azalea150 * 100 * 30 (mm)
how to use【How to replace the cleaner】
1. Pull up the lever at the root of the pattern.
2. Squeeze the base of the pattern strongly from the left and right and remove the cleaner.
3. Set a new cleaner and lower the lever until it clicks.
please note● Please do not use for purposes other than original use.
● Please do not put in place where it is near fire or hot.
● After use, rinse well and drain off.
MaterialMounting part: ABS resin nonwoven fabric: Nylon
Country of originJapan

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