Okutani Soap OKETANI Eigen Bath Soap 120 g Day Supplies None Addition Soap

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"OKETANI Eigen bath soap 120 g" is a non-additive soap made by carefully framing and carefully choosing carefully selected net domestic raw materials by traditional kettle cooking recipe, air dried. Oil is left in the soap in a natural form, so you can wash it gently on your skin. High biodegradability, soap component after drainage. It is natural decomposed in 24 hours.


category Daily necessities
Material item No added soap
Product brandOKETANI
Internal capacity120 g
size70 * 30 * 50 (mm)
please noteIf your skin is abnormal, or if it does not fit your skin please discontinue use. Because of natural drying framework, some deformation and Discolors, moisture etc. on the surface are seen, but there is no problem in the nature of the product at all.
componentSoap base (net soap content 98%)
Country of originJapan

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