Biosafe Imidazole Dipeptide EX Premium 90 Capsules Health Food Imidazole Dipeptide

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"Imidazole dipeptide EX premium 90 capsules" is a healthy supplement that supports your everyday efforts.
● "Imidazole dipeptide (anserine - carnosine)" is contained in muscles of birds such as bonito, tuna and migratory birds.
● We combine ingredients of 5 kinds (L-citrulline, L-ornithine, alpha lipoic acid, odorless garlic, vitamin B1) in a balanced manner, centering on "imidazole dipeptide" that works hard.
Descriptions such as best-before date are listed in the package in the order of the year / month.


category healthy food
Material item Imidazole dipeptide
Internal capacity90 capsules
If you enjoyAs a dietary supplement, please take one tablet at a time, with one or three times a day as much as you like with lots of water or lukewarm water.
please note· Please do not ingest those who are allergic to food after confirming the raw material display.
· Because ingredients derived from natural products are used as raw materials, there may be variations in color, smell, taste, etc.
· It may not fit rarely depending on the constitution and physical condition of the day. In that case please stop using.
· During pregnancy · breast-feeding, taking medication · If you are in the hospital please consult your doctor / pharmacist before using.
· After opening, keep the chuck of the bag tightly closed, store in a cool place out of reach of children, please enjoy as soon as possible.
· Please be careful not to overdose on the standard amount of the day.
Preservation methodAvoid direct sunlight, heat and humidity Please save.
IngredientsThree granules (0.75 g) · Domestic imidazole dipeptide-enhanced round chicken extract · · · 300 mg
· L-citrulline · · · 75 mg
L-ornithine hydrochloride ... 75 mg
· Odorless garlic (Muscleur powder) · · · 30 mg
· Α-lipoic acid · · · 30 mg
· Vitamin B1 · · · 7.5 mg
Raw material name · Nutrition ingredients etc.● Product Name · Name: Imedazole Dipeptide Containing Round Chicken Extract Processed Food ● Ingredients: Round chicken extract (containing imidazole dipeptide / anserine - carnosine), lactose, L - citrulline, L - ornithine hydrochloride, odorless garlic (Muscleur powder) alpha lipoic acid, vitamin B1, calcium stearate, methyl cellulose (including milk ingredients and chicken ingredients as a part of raw materials)
● Nutritional information display
Per grain (0.25 g))
· Energy · · · 0.93 kcaL
· Protein · · · 0.11 g
· Lipid · · · 0.004 g
· Carbohydrate · · · 0.11 g
Sodium: 1.90 mg
Country of originJapan
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