Red Renzer · Japan Flashlight P Series P5R 500897 1 unit Sports LED Light

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"Flashlight P series P5R 500897 1 unit" is an LED light that can operate all irradiation modes easily with a single switch by smart light technology.
● Lock function to fix the focus at an arbitrary position.
● Rapid focus that allows you to quickly adjust the beam pattern with one hand.
- The state-of-the-art power chip LED realizing the brightness of maximum luminous flux 420 lumens.
● Can be used at any time with a wall mountable floating charge system that can be handled at any time.
- Easy charging, high output model of 420 lumens Popular model P5R.2 significantly boosts power.
It is convenient small flash light which can be easily charged with a floating charge system.
● Simple operability and sophisticated design with reduced complexity.
Patented technology representing Red Renzer, such as "Advance Focus" which creates beautiful light with no unevenness and "Rapid Focus" which enables focus adjustment with one hand is installed. Working in the dark, DIY walk, dog walking, preparing for emergencies, etc. It is an all-rounder who will support hobby and daily life vigorously.
● When inventing the astronomical telescope with advanced focus system, Galileo is lense,
Newton poured enthusiasm into the study of the reflector.
A lense that creates uneven light distribution at close range and a reflector that reflects light to a long distance.
Combining these and realizing for the first time a light collecting system that combines the advantages of both,
Red Renser 's Advanced Focus System (AFS).
From uniform and uneven wide illumination to spot illumination illuminating far away,
It controls light distribution freely.
● Rapid Focus mounting When performing focus adjustment with short range / long distance, the position of the reflector lense moves back and forth with respect to the LED light source.
The sliding type rapid focus was developed to instantly perform this focus operation with one hand.
Depending on the situation of use, the necessary light distribution can be created instantaneously, so the extent of mastery of light is further expanded.


category Sports
Material item LED light
Internal capacityOne
Product Specifications· Body size · · · Φ 26 x 117 mm
· Main body mass () · · · 75 g (including batteries)
· Batteries used · · Dedicated rechargeable battery (Li-ion 14500)
· LED type · · · Power chip type LED × 1
· Light flux (1 m) ··· "Power" 420, "Low" 20
· Irradiation distance (m) ··· "Power" 240, "Low" 50
· Lighting time (h) ··· "Power" 3, "Low" 15
· Protection grade · · · IPX 4
· Advanced focus system ··· ○
· Rapid Focus · · ○
· Smart technology · · ○
· Floating charge system · · ○
· Set contents Body, dedicated rechargeable battery, charging bracket, strap, USB charging cable (magnetic charger), pouch

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