Doritech Doritec large screen pedometer Black H - 236 BK Home Appliances Pedometer

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"Doritec large screen pedometer black H - 236 BK" counts without choosing a place such as bags and pockets.
● Record 30 days worth of data and display the history.
● Convenient clip strap attachment ● Support for walking · Measurements other than walking counts ● Healthy with total check ● 5 types of screen display · Step count, distance, calorie consumption etc are recorded in 5 displays.
· With memory function for 30 days.
● It is counted by walking more than 10 steps.
· With erroneous count prevention function.
· In order to prevent erroneous measurement, it is not counted unless it is constant movement.
· For that reason, I count from 10 consecutive walks.
- Carrying around and recording the number of steps - Even if you put it in your pocket with a 3D sensor, it is safe.
· If you have a pedometer that can manage how long walked instead of just walking it will be useful as a guide for your goal.
· With a 3D sensor with a step count securely even if you carry it in a pocket or a bag etc.
· It is easy to become a habit as exercise management of daily life.
· In addition to the number of steps, it displays with five items such as distance and calorie consumption.
● With a clip and a strap for preventing falling ● Large screen display with numerical values ​​easy to see. You can check the record you walked with memory for 30 days.


category Consumer electronics
Material item Pedometer
Product brandDoritec
Product SpecificationsItems (): Width 71 x Length 11 x Height 36 mm
Product weight (): 30 g
Detection method: 3D acceleration sensor type display method Liquid crystal: digital 5 digits Step count: 10-99999 walking distance display: 0.0-999.9 km
Consumed calorie display: 0-9999 kcaL
Fat burning quantity display: 0.0-999.9 g
Exercise display: 0.0-99.9Ex
Step accuracy: Within + - 3% (by vibration test machine)
Auto power off (): 1 minute use Battery Lithium battery: CR 2032 × 1 Battery life (): 6 months (when operated 16 hours a day)
set contentBody, CR 2032 (for confirmation of operation) x 1
Contact InformationDoritec customer consultation center

Doritec Co., Ltd.

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