Meiji [Case sale] Meiji curl cheese hydrangea 64gx10 bags Food snacks

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"[Case sale] Meiji Karl Cheese Aji 64gx10 bags" is an exquisite blend of 6 types of cheese, and the dough is kneaded with cheese to create a special taste.
*Please note that the outer box may be damaged or have scratches.
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Category Hood
Material ・ Item Snacks
Product brandCurl
Internal capacity64gx10 bags
Allergic substances contained in raw materials(27 items) Shrimp, crab, wheat, egg, milk ingredient, soy, pork
Please note● We use corn that is segregated in each process from cultivation to processing so that genetically modified corn is not mixed.
● Tea may appear black on the surface of the snack ●, this is something that is derived from some of the raw corn.
● Please enjoy early after opening.
● If it is difficult to open, open in the vertical direction.
● Please be careful not to cut your hands with a bag or bag.
Preservation methodStore away from direct sunlight and hot and humid places.
Raw material name, nutritional component etc.Name ●: snacks
Ingredients ●: Corn grits, vegetable oil, cheese powder, sugar, salt, whey powder, lactose, creaming powder, protein hydrolysate, flavor oil, dextrin, yeast extract powder, buttermilk powder, skimmed milk powder, seafood extract powder, spices , Powdered soy sauce, powdered butter, cellulose, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), emulsifier, flavor, paprika pigment, eggshell calcium, sweetener (Licorice), (including some shrimp, crab, wheat, pork)
● Nutritional ingredient / per bag (64 g): energy 324 kcal, protein 4.5 g, lipid 15.2 g, carbohydrate 42.5 g, sodium 470 mg, equivalent of salt 1.2 g
Contact informationMeiji Customer Service Center
Toll-free number: 0120-041082

Meiji Corporation
Koto-ku, Tokyo, Shinsago 1-2-10


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