Daio Paper 【Case Sale】 Gun Masayasa Ventilation Tape Type BIG's 42 pieces x 4 pieces (168 pieces) Baby & Kids Tape Biggs

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"[Case sale] Gun Kaitekara breathable tape type BIG's 42 pieces x 4 pieces (168 pieces)" is a large baby also absorbs plenty of safety. Fit easily to any movement with shearing on the waist and sides. Adopted wave processing on the outside side of the diaper, soft and fluffy. Adopted full-breathable backsheet. With odor eliminating function, it reduces odor after use "with a pee announcement mark". A cute animated illustration like a picture book. (14 kinds in total) Vitamin E blend into the topsheet.
* There are times when the exterior box has damaged · Scratch, but please understand.


category Baby & Kids
Material item Tape type Biggs
Product brandGoon (GOO.N)
Internal capacity42 sheets x 4 pieces
UseWeight estimate · · · 12-20 kg
Format · · · Tape type
please note● After opening, please keep hygienically so as not to enter dust and insects.
Material● Surface material ... Polyolefin type nonwoven fabric / ● Water absorbing material ... Cotton type pulp absorbing paper polymeric water absorbing material ● Waterproof material ... Polyolefin type film ● Fastening material ... Polyolefin ● Extensible material ... Polyurethane ● Bonding material · · · styrene type synthetic resin etc.
Country of originJapan
Contact InformationElieres Customer Consultation Office Daio Paper Co., Ltd.
(9: 30-16: 30 excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays)

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