Kotobukigiya Foods Noodles Boiled Spicy Fish Ramen 137g Food Instant Noodles

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"Spicy fish ramen 137g supervised by Noodle shop Inosho" is pork bone x seafood x spicy ramen (instant cup noodles).
● noodle
Non-fry thick noodles that are entwined with soup that have whole body flour and are stiff and elastic.
● Soup
A thick dry pork bone soy soup made of pork-bone based full-flourish animal soup with plenty of special oil. If you add specially made spicy fish powder of chili pepper and soda flour to it, it will be finished in a lavish taste that combines the taste of pork bones and the taste of fish powder, even in a harsh stimulus.
● The onion contains green onions.
※ It is very hard ramen. If you are not good at hardships, please be careful.
About the notation such as shelf life
Listed in the order of the year / month / day in the package.


Category Hood
Material ・ Item Instant noodles
Product brandShogakiya
Internal capacity137g (noodles: 75g)
Allergic substances contained in raw materialsDisplay specified raw materials and items according to it (in 27 items)
Egg, wheat, sesame, soy, chicken, pork
Please noteNo microwave cooking
Preservation methodStore in a hot, humid or strong location, avoiding direct sunlight and at room temperature
Raw material name, nutritional component etc.Name ●: instant cup noodles
Ingredients ●: Name: noodles (wheat flour, whole wheat flour, salt, vegetable oil, wheat protein, soy dietary fiber, protein hydrolysate), soup (soy sauce, pork extract, animal fats and oils, pepper, sugar, flavor oil, powdered dried bonito , Protein hydrolyzate, chicken extract, dextrin, pork seasoning oil, salt, pork powder, roasted soy sauce seasoning, garlic paste, spices), oyster (green onion) / processed starch, seasoning (amino acids etc.), thickening Agents (modified starches, polysaccharide thickeners), colorants (caramel, paprika pigment, gardenia), calcium carbonate, italy, emulsifiers, spice extracts, antioxidants (VE), flavors, (some eggs, wheat, Includes sesame, soy, chicken and pork)
● Nutritional ingredient indication: per one meal (137 g)
Energy: 496 kcal, protein: 15.2 g, lipid: 18.9 g, carbohydrate: 66.2 g, equivalent to sodium chloride: 6.6 g (noodles / hiking: 1.5 g, soup: 5.1 g), calcium: 301 mg
※Reference value
Sort and analyze immediately after cooking
Total energy: 496 kcal (noodles and snacks: 313 kcal, soup: 183 kcal)
Contact informationKotobukiyaki Foods Co., Ltd. Customer Counseling Room
TEL 0120-730-261
Reception hours 9: 00-17: 00 (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

Kotobukiyaki Food Co., Ltd.
Koshokake-cho, Toyoake-shi, Aichi Prefecture 189

Katyoshi Fisheries Co., Ltd. Foods Division Gunma Plant
Gunma Prefecture Takasaki City Shincho 2330-26


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