Visionary Company Japan Gods Card Coloring Picture 33 Sheet of Home & Kitchen Adult's Coloring Painting (Coloring)

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"Japanese Gods Card Coloring Picture 33 pieces" is a coloring picture of "Japanese Gods Card" popular as the orchestra of the gods appearing in "Kojiki".
● 27 pillars from the "Gods card in Japan", 6 pillars of newly drawn gods this time. In addition, 33 pillars of gods are represented with dynamism in line drawings.
● Please try painting the color as you wish, using free painting materials such as crayons, colored pencils, color pens and so on.
● The accompanying guidebook contains not only messages from God but also the full text of "great exorcus" and its commentary.
● As a special appendix, "Saori Tsuhime (Saedori Hime)" cards are included. If you bring it as an amulet or using it in addition to the "Japanese God Card", card reading will be even more prosperous.
● With Japanese commentary.


category Home & Kitchen
Material item Adult painting (coloring)
Internal capacity33 sheets
Contact InformationVisionary Company

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