Lion 【Planned item】 hadakara (bodybuilt) Body soap Pure Rose scent body + Refill for 500ml + 360ml Daily necessities Body soap all

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"[Planned item] hadakara (bodybuilder) Body soap Pure Rose scent body + Refill for 500ml + 360ml" is a body soap where moisturizing ingredients are not washed away. Wash it on soft skin.
● secret of adsorption moisturizing of Hadakaras · When it foams, the moisturizing ingredients change into a form that is more likely to adhere to the skin (moisturizing component complex).
- When rinsing, the Stain is dropped firmly, the moisturizing component complex is not washed away by being in close contact with the skin.
· After washing, the complex covers the skin like a veil, giving it moisture every time it is washed, finishing it to soft skin.
● Select wash ingredients soap refreshing soap. It exerts moisturizing effect while feeling refreshing wash ● Patch tested. * Not all people will not be irritating to the skin.
Plat 's fresh red fruits and geraniums to ornate rose. It is the scent of natural rose.


category Daily necessities
Material item Body soap all
Product brandhadakara (ハ ダ カ ラ)
Internal capacity500 ml + 360 ml
please note(please note)
· Do not use when abnormalities such as scars, swelling, eczema etc on skin · Do not use · When abnormalities such as redness, swelling, itching, irritation, etc. appear in use, stop using and consult a doctor · In your eyes When entering, wash away immediately · To prevent accidental ingestion of infants and people with dementia, pay attention to the location

(Caution on storage)
· Do not put it in places where it becomes extremely high temperature, low temperature or place exposed to direct sunshine · Because it contains a lot of ingredients to improve foam quality, granular things may occur depending on storage conditions, but problems with quality There is none.
componentWater, PG, myristic acid, lauric acid, hydroxide K, palmitic acid, alkyl Luco acrylate polymers, lauryl betaine, phenoxyethanol, fragrance, mineral oil, polyquaternium-6, PEG-3 glyceryl isostearate, ethanolamine, polyquaternium-7 , Cetece-20, EDTA
Country of originJapan
Contact InformationLion Corporation 1-3-7 Main office of Sumida-ku, Tokyo

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