Ka Ruby [Planned product] [Case sale] Ka Ruby Jagarico Plum chirimen flavor 52gx12 Food snacks

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"[Planned product] [Case sale] Ka Ruby Jagarico Plum Chirimen Flavor 52gx12" is a snack snack that combines the strong acidity of plums with the flavor of chirimen. A cup type that is convenient to carry.
*Please note that the outer box may be damaged or have scratches.
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Category Hood
Material ・ Item Snacks
Product brandRuby
Internal capacity52gx12 pieces
Allergic substances contained in raw materialsMilk ingredient, sesame, soy
Please noteHandling Precautions: Please eat early after opening.
● The dried chisels used in this product are collected by a method of fishing that mixes sharply.
● This item is characterized by its stiffness. Please be careful not to damage your mouth or pinch your throat. Be especially careful with small children.
There may be black grains in the product ●, this is a potato skin.
Preservation methodDo not store in direct sunlight or in hot and humid places.
Raw material name, nutritional component etc.Name ●: snacks
Ingredients ●: potato (not genetically modified), vegetable oil, whey powder (including milk components), plum paste, powdered vegetable oil, dextrin, salt, plum flavor flakes (including soy), sugar, ground sesame, starch, Muro aji maple powder, red pepper powder, dried chirimen powder, plum powder, yeast extract powder, konbu extract powder, erythritol / acidulant, seasoning (amino acid etc.), emulsifier, fragrance, coloring agent (red yeast, caramel), antioxidant Agent (VC, VE), sweetener (stevia)
● Nutritional ingredient indication: per cup 52 g
Energy: 259 kcal, Protein: 3.5 g, Lipid: 12.5 g, Carbohydrate: 33.1 g, Salt Equivalent: 1.2 g
Country of originJapan
Contact informationKa Ruby Co., Ltd. Customer Service Office
Marunouchi 1-8-3, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Toll-free number: 0120-55-8570


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