AKANE cats sand changing to blue 7L pet supplies cat sand cat sand (paper · pulp)

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"Cat Sand 7 L Change to AKANE Blue" is a paper cat sand whose color changes to blue when it takes pears.
● Clean sky (deodorant) formulation has deodorant effect.
● Compactly compact the absorbed urine quickly. Post-processing is easy because the solidified part turns blue.
● Because it dissolves in water, you can flush it to flush toilet and process it.
● Since paper is the main ingredient, it can be burned. Since it is organic matter, it can be treated as burnable garbage. * For disposal methods, please follow the local waste disposal method.
● 100% recycled paper is used so it is environmentally friendly recycled product. The absorbed and hardened part turns into blue.


category Pet Supplies
Material item Cat sand / cat sand (paper · pulp)
Internal capacity7 L
how to use● Please lay this item in the toilet for cat about 5-6 cm.
● Initially, it is good to mix sand used in the past (such as pet urine, smelled).
● Please remove part of Stain once a day. Please replenish new sand after removing it.
● Stain The sand can be flushed to the flush toilet.
* If flowing in large amounts at once, it will cause clogging of the drain pipe. The amount to be flown at once should be within 80 cc (one cup of cup).
● It can be treated as household garbage and also burned.
please note● Please do not use this product outside application. It is not food.
● When sand stays with urine or the like, it becomes hard to harden. At this time we recommend exchanging all the sand.
● When disposing or refilling this product, please be careful not to inhale fine powder by improving ventilation.
● If your cat does not get used to it, please mix it with your cat sand before and change little by little.
● Please do not place it in the reach of infants and pets.
● Please do not make empty bags a child's toys. There is a danger of choking mouth, nose and suffocation. Please discard empty bags promptly.
Preservation methodAfter opening, please close the mouth of the bag firmly with rubber band etc. to a dry place with little moisture, please keep. (In particular, please be aware that it may affect water absorption and solidification performance for rainy season etc.)
MaterialRecycled paper 100%
Country of originJapan
Contact InformationDistributor Orient Impression Co., Ltd. 2-43-9 Nihonbashi Hamacho Chuo-ku, Tokyo 3rd Floor Plain Building
TEL 03-6661-9238

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