Rippli Xrobot SLIMINI Blue X3L Home Appliance Cleaning Robot

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"Xrobot SLIMINI Blue X3L" is a robot vacuum cleaner recommended as a second person or one living alone. Specializing in flooring cleaning, taking charge docks and complex functions. As thickness is only 2.95 cm, we are good at cleaning such as under furniture that we could not enter with conventional robot vacuum cleaner. In addition to the normal mode, it is also equipped with the "furniture priority mode" that focuses on cleaning under furniture. It is equipped with a lithium ion battery that can be quickly recharged and powerfully clean the room. Operates for 1.5 hours with 3 hours charge. Also, because it can be charged while standing in a square shape, it does not take up a place even when charging. Equipped with a high sensitivity sensor on a small body, such as a floor detection sensor that prevents falling, an obstacle detection sensor that changes direction when hitting a wall or furniture, and an ultrasonic sensor that detects low space such as under furniture.


category Consumer electronics
Material item Cleaning robot
set content2 brushes, charging cable
Product SpecificationsMaterial: Synthetic resin
Power supply: AC 100-240 (50/60 Hz)
Power consumption: 7 W
Code length (): 1.8m
Operating sound: 60 db
Dust box capacity (): 35 ml
Internal battery: Lithium ion battery
Cleaning mode: Normal mode, under furniture emphasis mode
Overstep: less than 10 mm
Body size: (width) 228x (depth) 258x (Height) 29.5mm

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