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"Vitosensitive Touch Premium 1pc" is an electric trimmer that shapes the hair, such as face and bikini zone, and shapes it properly.


category Cosmetics
Material item Shaver for eyebrows and hair growth
Product brandVet (veet)
how to use[How to arrange eyebrows]
● Use double-sided precision trimmer head for face.
● By using the left and right angles you can trim finer.
● Attach the desired length (2 types) of the comb (small) on the double-sided precision trimmer blade (2 types) for the face.
● Move while pushing the main body in the direction opposite to the flow of eyebrows.
● To adjust the shape of the eyebrows, remove the comb (small), gently press the blade with the double-sided precision trimmer head to touch it, move it in the direction opposite to the flow of the eyebrows.
● It can be used for faces other than eyebrows.

【How to arrange bikini zone and underarms】
● Use a trimmer head for the body.
● Attach the desired length (2 types) of the comb (large) to the trimmer head.
● Gently touch the body to the skin, move it in the direction opposite to the direction in which the hair grows.
● For more detailed trimming, remove the trimmer head, turn the on / off button to the outside, parallel the body and the skin, apply the blade gently to the skin, move the body in the direction opposite to the direction in which the hair grows.
● When preparing the shape, move it along the flow of hair.
please note● When using, please read the instruction manual attached to the main body carefully, please use correctly safely.
● Please be careful not to get injured by the border of the container.
Product Specifications● Power system: dry battery type ● Type and number of dry batteries: 1 alkaline dry battery ● with warranty ● Can be washed with water.
Country of originChina
Contact InformationRec kit Benckiser Japan Co., Ltd.
141-0022 3-20-14 Higashi Gotanda Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Customer consultation room: 0120-079-991

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