Ogawa Coffee Ogawa Coffee Branch Organic Coffee Assorted Set Drip Coffee 10gx30 Food Coffee (Organic JAS)

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“Ogawa Coffee Store Organic Coffee Assorted Set Drip Coffee 10gx30” is a great assortment set that you can enjoy two tastes of organic rice cake.
Set contents: For 15 cups of original blend, for 15 cups of Fair Trade Moka blend
About the notation such as shelf life


category Food
Material item Coffee (organic JAS)
Product brandOgawa Coffee store
Internal capacity300g (10g x 30 pieces)
保存方法Please keep away from heat and humidity, direct sunlight.
原材料名・栄養成分等Name ●: Organic Regular Coffee ● Raw Material Name Original Blend: Organic Coffee Bean (Country of Producing Green Beans: Peru, Mexico, Ethiopia, Honduras, Indonesia)
Fair Trade Mocha Blend: Organic Coffee Beans (Country of Producing Raw Beans: Ethiopia, Guatemala)
● How to read: Fine
Contact Information小川珈琲お客様係
Toll-free number: 0120-077800

Ogawa Akira Co., Ltd.

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