Tanger Chemistry stand with hot water bottle 2.6L hygiene medical poly hot water bottle

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Because it stands, it is easy to put on a bag or hot water, it is easy to polish hot water bottle. There is no leakage of hot water, molded in one piece.


category Sanitary care
Material item Poly hot water bottles
Product brandStanding hot water bottle
Internal capacityBody (2.6 L), bag
AHigh 253 x Width 190 x Length 75 (mm)
Description of item"Stand with hot water bottle with a bag 2.6 L" is a poly hot water bottle which makes it easy to put on bags and hot water, so stand up. There is no leakage of hot water, molded in one piece.
please note● The hot water will fill up to the mouth. Insufficient capacity deforms.
● Tighten the cap securely to ensure that no hot water leaks.
● If you have weak skin, please wrap it with thick cloth etc, or use it with lower hot water.
Notes on low temperature burns● Hazardous When you use the hottie in close contact with your body for a long time, you cause a low temperature burn. Low temperature burns are those that occur when touching the same place on the skin for a long time even at a temperature slightly higher than the body temperature (around 40 degrees), which is a burn that spans deep skin. Should you experience low temperature burns, please immediately receive a specialist's diagnosis.

● Warning When wrapped in a thick towel or the like, there is a danger of low temperature burns, so please use it away from your body directly so as not to touch the skin. Especially, if you are using infants, elderly people, sick people, intense fatigue people, people who are drunk, etc. Please be careful if you are around.
In order to completely prevent the low temperature burn accident, please take a hot water bottle for the purpose of warming the futon before going to bed and take out the hot water bottle from the futon at bedtime.
Quality indication● Raw material resin body: PE, cap: PP
● Heat resistant temperature Body: 110 degrees, cap: 120 degrees ● Cooling temperature Main body: minus 30 degrees, cap: minus 20 degrees

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