White cross FC defatted Cotton 50 g Hygiene medical degreasing Cotton all

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"FC defatted Cotton 50 g" is a degreased Cotton using natural fibers with Cotton 100%. It is soft and has excellent absorption. No fluorescent paint is used.


category Sanitary care
Material item Degreased Cotton All
Product brandFC (family care)
Internal capacity50 g
General medical device number13B2X00023000035
(Body)60 * 40 cm (It is folded to 20 * 15 cm)
Usage notes● Sometimes spots of yellow or black spots are found on the surface or inside of Cotton, but this is the actual shell of Cotton so there is no worry about use.
please note【Cautions for storage】
● Please be careful of water leakage during storage, please keep in a clean place avoiding hot, humid, direct sunlight hit.
● Please keep out of reach of children.

【Caution after use】
● After use, please sanitarily do not flush the toilet.

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