P & G (Procter & Gamble) Fabrys Relaxing floral bouquet scent Main body 370ml + refill 320ml × 2 daily necessities Deodorant spray

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"Fabreze relaxing floral bouquet fragrance body 370ml + refill 320mlx2" is a deodorant that not only removes the bad smell of Cloth, but also can disinfect it. Uses sterilizing ingredients that contain the same deodorizing ingredients derived from corn and the acids contained in vegetables and fruits. It can be used at home with children and clothes that touch the skin. I imagined the scent of relaxing in a flower field where birds sing.
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category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Deodorant spray
Product brandFabries
set contentBody 370ml + refill 320mlx2
how to useNumber of uses: The main body can be sprayed 360 times, and the refill can be sprayed 320 times when refilling the bottle.
please note[Precautions]
● Leather · Japanese goods can not be used. Hair, silk, rayon, acetate, cu-Plat, etc. are weak in water, there are indications that it can not be washed in water, and those specially processed such as waterproof and water-repellent, they may become stains and may damage the texture, Try in the unobtrusive part beforehand.
● Do not spray closer than 20 cm or spray at once. It can cause Stains and Stickiness.
● Some Stain may cause Jimi caused by Stain.
● The odor caused by Stain may occur again from Stain after use.
● The spray can be pulled quickly to the end.
● Wipe off immediately if attached to anything other than Cloth or floor, such as furniture.
● Avoid storing in direct sunlight or in locations with severe temperature differences (such as on electrical appliances).
● Ventilate and use when using in a narrow space.
● Do not use other than the purpose.
● Be careful about the place to prevent accidental ingestion by children and people with dementia.
● Do not spray directly on face or skin.
● If it gets in your eyes, wash it out with water.

[Notes for refilling]
● Please refill the bottle with the fragrance of the relaxing floral bouquet. Do not mix with other products such as detergents.
● This is not a drink.
componentCorn-derived deodorant ingredient, disinfectant ingredient (organic type), perfume
Country of originJapan
Contact informationP & G Procter & Gamble Japan Ltd.
Customer consultation room: 0120-118226


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