Dai Sunburn Michal Diax Zirsanakashi Angel Snow 180g Daily Necessities Deodorant / Air Freshener For Car (Stand Type)

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“Diax Jirsana Cashe Angel Snow 180g” is a car air freshener that scents from the bottom of the seat. A warm and luxurious fruity floral scent.


category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Deodorant and air freshener for car
Product brandDiax
Internal capacity180g
Quality indicationName ●: automotive air freshener
● Type: gel type
Ingredients ●: perfume, gelling agent, surfactant
how to use(1) Remove the container from the box and remove the Aluminum seal. The inside is gel-like, but moisture may be released to the inside due to condensation. Be careful not to tilt the container, etc. so that it does not spill when opening or installing.
(2) Please remove the perforated part of the box.
(3) Please put the container in the box again.
(4) Stick a double-sided tape to the bottom of the box.
(5) Please fix firmly with double-sided tape so that this product does not slide and move.
Country of originJapan


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