White cross FCGauze 1m Hygienic and medical treatment Gauze all

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"FCGauze 1m" is Gauze type I. It has a good touch and is soft and absorbent. It's very easy to use Gauze. Ideal as a mask or burn Gauze, or for scratching. The size is 30 cm * 1 m.


category Health care
Material ・ Item Gauze all
Product brandFC (family care)
General medical equipment number13B2X00023000037
please note【Notes on storage】
● Be careful of water leakage during storage, and keep it in a clean place, avoiding heat, humidity and places exposed to direct sunlight.
Please keep out of reach of children ●.

【Caution after use】
● After use, please do not flush the toilet to sanitize.
● Do not wash the stained Gauze with blood etc. and use it for wound treatment again.


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