White cross FC Gauze 10m Sanitary medical all Gauze

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"FC Gauze 10 m" is Gauze type I. The soft touch is good and excellent absorption ability is outstanding. It is very convenient Gauze. It is perfect for masking or burning Gauze, or for scratches. It is 30 cm * 10 m.


category Sanitary care
Material item Gauze all
Product brandFC (family care)
length10 m
General medical device number13B2X00023000037
A200 * 190 * 45 (mm)
please note【Cautions for storage】
● Please be careful of water leakage during storage, please keep in a clean place avoiding hot, humid, direct sunlight hit.
● Please keep out of reach of children.

【Caution after use】
● After use, please sanitarily treat it without flushing to the toilet.
● Do not wash gauze Stain with blood etc., again for treatment of wounds.

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